Iran sees video games as central to a secret war against their culture

none | Boulder Weekly

The Iranian government is helping to make a game about the life and, most probably, violent death of Salman Rushdie. That this game is in development,
a creation meant to teach new generations of Iranians about the
23-year-old fatwa against the author, is interesting, but its impetus is
even more so.

The Stressful Life of Salman Rushdie and Implementation of his Verdict
isn’t just a game in the eyes of the Iranian government, it is a weapon
of self defense in what they believe is an ongoing “soft war” against
their culture and beliefs.

In 2009, the Iranian Revolutionary Guard Corps outlined what they
described as a “soft war” being waged against the country by the West.
The government believes that enemies of the state are using cultural
influencers like movies, television and video games to erode the culture
and identity of the Islamic country.

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