Is GMO, Roundup study too tough on Monsanto?

No, we don\'t know if this rat ate GMO corn. It\'s a stock photo.
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Look, none of us like Monsanto. As Boulder Weekly Editor Joel Dyer discovered recently, their whole business model is as poisonous as a bottle of Roundup.

But you’ve got to be fair about your criticism. And reporting on a recent study that claimed rats who ate GMO corn and drank water with Roundup in it developed more tumors than a control group might not have been so fair.

The Roundup rats, who ate nothing but genetically modified corn produced from Monsanto seed, did develop lots of tumors. But that line about “more than a control group”? That’s some of the researchers’ control groups of rats, but not all. The Roundup rats were healthier than some control groups.

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