Judge orders Google, Motorola to hand over Android data to Apple

none | Boulder Weekly

Apple will soon have far more information about Android and Google’s
Motorola Mobility acquisition than the search giant would like.

U.S. Circuit Court Judge Richard A. Posner yesterday ordered Motorola Mobility and its soon-to-be parent company Google to hand over development information about Android to Apple,
according to Bloomberg, which obtained court documents. In addition,
the judge said that Google must provide Apple with information about the
company’s $12.5 billion deal to acquire Motorola Mobility.

Apple has been asking for the data for quite some time in its battle
against Motorola Mobility, which sells smartphones that use the Android

And as one might expect, Google and Motorola Mobility have attempted to stop the sharing of any information with the
iPhone maker. However, according to Bloomberg, the judge believed it was a key component in the “discovery” phase of the trial.