Kim Dotcom: US Military Had 15,634 Megaupload Accounts

none | Boulder Weekly

n recent weeks the battle has continued to save the data stored at
the now-defunct site Megaupload. Contrary to the image painted by the
entertainment industries, untold numbers of people used the file-hosting
service for completely legitimate sharing. Today we can reveal that not
only did people at the Senate, Department of Homeland Security, FBI and
NASA hold Megaupload accounts, so did more than 15,600 members of the
US Military.

Ever since Megaupload was dismantled in January there have been concerns about data being held on the site’s servers.

While the MPAA and RIAA insist that the site was simply a huge piracy
hub, the facts point to a much bigger picture of people using the site
for countless legitimate transfers of files simply too big to email.

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