Kirk Cameron of ‘Growing Pains’ Says He’s Not Homophobic, Explains Christian Beliefs

none | Boulder Weekly

Kirk Cameron doesn’t speak in sound bites. He’s in New York on Monday afternoon to promote his new documentary, Monumental: In Search of America’s National Treasure,
except his flight was delayed and he missed almost all of his
interviews. He’s sitting in a plush leather sofa in a Times Square
hotel, looking tired as he sips a Starbucks coffee (his hoodie, which
says “Do Justice,” makes him look much younger than his age, which is

you ask what prompted him to make the film, his answer is a macro
sermon that touches on, among other things, his children, our national
debt, the church blaming the media, drugs, alcohol, teenage pregnancies,
suicide, and how “America is a beacon of hope for the world. And yet we
are in so much trouble.” Then—wham!—he gets to his point. “The root of
the deal is this,” he says. “I joke around and say I wish my name was
Marty McFly, and I had a DeLorean and I could zoom back there and talk
to these people.”

By these people, he means the pilgrims.

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