‘Food, Inc.’ chicken farmer has a new, humane farm

photo courtesy of Shutterstock.com

Twelve minutes into the 2009 documentary Food, Inc.,
Carole Morison appears on the screen — haggard, tired, quietly
seething. Squinting into the sun, she tells the camera, “I’ve just made
up my mind; I’m gonna say what I have to say,” and she proceeds to show
and tell.

Wearing a face mask, she steps inside one of her chicken houses,
where she is raising broilers for Perdue. Inside she reveals a crowded
sea of birds bumping into each other and squawking in agitation.
Chickens are shown taking a few steps and falling down — due to the
weight they’ve been bred to put on rapidly. Others are on their backs,
gasping for breath inside a chicken house they cannot leave. Carole
picks up a few dead birds and throws them in a pile.

She walks back outside, removes her face mask, wipes the dust off her face, and says with disgust, “That’s normal.”

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