Major hotel chain investigating data breach

Credit card data may have been stolen

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

Security news agency KrebsonSecurity is reporting that White Lodging, a management company for hotels in the Hilton, Marriott, Sheratin and Westin chains, may have had its credit card information for most of 2013 stolen.

From the article…

“Multiple sources in the banking
industry began sharing data indicating that they were seeing a pattern
of fraud on hundreds of cards that were all previously used at Marriott
hotels from roughly March 23, 2013 on through the end of last year.
those sames sources said they were puzzled by the pattern of fraud,
because it was seen only at specific Marriott hotels, including
locations in Austin, Chicago Denver, Los Angeles, Louisville and Tampa.

Turns out, the common thread among all of those Marriott locations is that they are managed by Merrillville, Indiana-based White Lodging Services Corporation.”

The article also said that the breach appears to have affected the amenities within the hotels, such as restaurants and gift shots more than the front desk computers. 

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