Microsoft Dives Head-First Into Mobile Hardware With Two 10.6-Inch Tablets

none | Boulder Weekly

Forget about operating systems. Forget about mice, keyboards and
snoozy computer accessories. Microsoft is now a full-fledged, no-excuses
mobile computing manufacturer. On Monday a team of excited executives
showed off Microsoft Surface — a pair of Windows tablets accompanied by clever keyboard covers that aspire to true innovation in the mobile space.

“It’s a PC that is a great tablet, and a tablet that is a great PC,”
said Steven Sinofsky, President of the Windows and Windows Live

Sounds simple enough, right? No, most decidedly not. Surface is much,
much more than a new tablet platform. It’s also Microsoft’s first fully
branded computing device — an ambitious new development direction after
years of making only simple computer peripherals. And Surface is also a
challenge to every hardware partner in Microsoft’s OEM stable.

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