Monsanto’s Endless Pipeline of Bad Ideas

none | Boulder Weekly

As if the disaster of RoundUp resistant superweeds
sweeping our farmland weren’t enough, Monsanto is now preparing to
launch an even greater disaster—a new soybean engineered to be resistant
to the older, more toxic weedkiller, dicamba. The seed—which Monsanto plans
to market in 2014 if approved—will also come stacked with the company’s
RoundUp Ready gene, and is designed to be used with Monsanto’s
proprietary herbicide “premix” of dicamba and glyphosate.

More dicamba-tolerant crops (corn, cotton, canola) are all waiting in
the wings. If this new generation of GE crops is approved, then dicamba
use will surge, just as it did with RoundUp. And we all know how well
that didn’t work out. To the giant pesticide company, this chemical arms
race is all part of the plan.

If you’re thinking that pouring more chemicals onto already
devastated farmland sounds a bit like pouring gasoline on a fire, I’d
have to agree with you. So do some hefty farm businesses, as it turns

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