Mysterious Dark-Skinned Stone Age People Found

none | Boulder Weekly

A newly found Stone Age people featured darker skin, an unusual mix
of primitive and modern features and had a strong taste for venison.

Fossils of the so-called “Red Deer Cave People” were unearthed in southwest China and may represent a new species of human.

The fossils from two caves, date to just 14,500 to 11,500 years ago.
Until now, no hominid remains younger than 100,000 years old have been
found in mainland East Asia resembling any other species than our own.

“We have discovered a new population of prehistoric humans whose
skulls are an unusual mosaic of primitive, modern and unique features —
like nothing we’ve seen before,” said Darren Curnoe, associate
professor in the School of Biological, Earth & Environmental
Sciences at the University of New South Wales and lead author of a study
about the find in the journal PLoS One.

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