New report finds piracy at a 6-year low

Forty percent drop since 2011

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

A new report from the International Maritime Bureau found that piracy is at a six-year low.

From the report…

Piracy at sea has reached its lowest levels in six years, with 264
attacks recorded worldwide in 2013, a 40% drop since Somali piracy
peaked in 2011, the International Chamber of Commerce (ICC)
International Maritime Bureau (IMB) revealed today. 15 incidents were
reported off Somalia in 2013, down from 75 in 2012, and 237 in 2011.

But that doesn’t mean it’s gone altogether.

IMB’s annual global piracy report shows more than 300 people were taken
hostage at sea last year and 21 were injured, nearly all with guns or
knives. A total of 12 vessels were hijacked, 202 were boarded, 22 were
fired upon and a further 28 reported attempted attacks.

The report credits combined international efforts for the drop, especially those targeted at Somalia, which had the highest number of incidents of piracy off its shores.

Read the full report here.