New Report Shows Opposition to Monsanto Growing Worldwide

none | Boulder Weekly

The day that biotech giant Monsanto (NYSE:MON) released its second quarter earnings, a new report
by civil society organisations showed that around the world,
small-holder and organic farmers, local communities and social movements
are increasingly resisting and rejecting Monsanto and the
agro-industrial model that it represents.

The new report, jointly produced by La Via Campesina, Friends of the
Earth International and Combat Monsanto—available in English, French and
Spanish—provides snapshots of frontline struggles against Monsanto and
other agrochemical corporations pushing genetically modified (GM) crops
onto farmers and into the environment.

“This report demonstrates that the increasingly vocal objections from
social movements and civil society organisations are having an impact
on the introduction of GM crops,” said Josie Riffaud from La Via

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