New Video Raises Questions About Zimmerman’s Account

none | Boulder Weekly

ABC News
has yet another piece of evidence to submit in the public opinion wars
over whether George Zimmerman should be arrested for shooting and
killing 17-year-old Trayvon Martin in what he says was self defense.

The network has a surveillance video of Zimmerman arriving at police
headquarters shortly after the incident that appears to contradict
his—and the police report’s—version events that led to Martin’s death.
Zimmerman says he was punched in the nose, knocked over, and that his
head was slammed into the ground by Martin. But in the video, Zimmerman
has no visible blood or bruises.

The Sanford police report has backed up parts of Zimmerman’s version
of events, noting blood on the back of his head and nose after the
confrontation, and adding that he received medical attention at the
scene before being taken to the station.*

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