North Boulder’s Barn Store closes its doors


North Boulder’s Barn Store, on Yarmouth and Broadway, closed its doors yesterday.

The store, loved by Boulder residents and featured in Stephen King’s The Stand, will be demolished around May 1, to make room for an apartment/condominium complex.

“It was just an offer too good to turn down,” said owner Scott Paulson. The store was sold in May of last year, and Paulson leased the property until the developer was ready to begin work on the property.

“It’s been there forever, and it’s a good stop. I’m sorry to see another Boulder institution go away,” said North Boulder resident Miriam Weidner. “It seems like some of those old-timey places, one by one, they go away.”

Paulson shares the sadness to see the Barn Store close, but felt it was necessary to either completely rehaul the store, or sell it.

“We’re sad to let it go. It was always a good store for us,” he says. “But clearly it was worn out around the edges, and we were having a hard time justifying spending two million to revive it.”