Obama again raises idea of closing Guantanamo Bay detention facility

Obama in 2008
spirit of america / Shutterstock.com

President Barack Obama, addressing the media today, has raised an issue Congress previously rejected: closing the prison at Guantanamo Bay.

Prisoners at Guantanamo Bay continue their hunger strike over conditions and their indefinite imprisonment. Obama says the prison, where suspected terrorists have been held without charge for years, is contrary to U.S. values.

Obama had promised to close the prison before he was elected for his first term in 2008. His attempt to close the prison during his first term was rejected by Congress.

“It is inefficient, it hurts us in terms of our international standing,
it lessens co-operation with our allies on counter-terrorism efforts, it
is a recruitment tool for extremists, it needs to be closed,” Obama said in today’s press conference.

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