Obama to speed up broadband to schools plan

Goal is to reach 20 million students in two years

Josh Gross | Boulder Weekly

The LA Times is reporting that President Obama will announce a plan today to speed up ConnectED, a program that is working to expand broadband access to schools. It will now be projected to provide broadband access to 15,000 schools and 20 million students in the next two years.

From the article…

“The expedited plan comes courtesy of $2 billion that the Federal
Communications Commission is immediately directing to this purpose,
according to senior administration officials who have been working on
the private-public partnership over the last year. The money comes from
surcharges on the telecommunications industry to support schools and

At the same time, several
companies are committing to help by spending $750 million on new iPads
and laptops as well as wireless service and software, especially for
low-income students and struggling schools with little to no Internet
access. Apple, Microsoft, AT&T, Verizon and Sprint are among the
companies making the contributions in products and services.”

Without the donations of laptops and tablets, many students wouldn’t be able to access the broadband once it’s in place. 

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