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A laptop, iPod and cell phone were reported stolen from the 1800 block of 22nd Avenue in Boulder on Jan. 23, but Boulder police now have a photo of the man who came into possession of the computer, thanks to a program that takes a picture of the first person who opens the laptop after it is reported as missing or stolen.

Police are looking for help in identifying the man, who is not considered a suspect but a person of interest, because they don’t know how he acquired the computer.
A photo of the man can be viewed at http://1.usa.gov/laptopthief.

Juvenile behavior

An intoxicated 25-year-old woman was arrested by Boulder police in the 1300 block of Pearl Street after she reportedly stole from purses while at a bar on March 10.
When officers approached the suspect, she became angry and kicked an officer in the leg, and she was arrested on a second-degree assault charge.

Not too menacing

A man was arrested by Boulder police on March 14 after he brandished a BB gun in front of his roommate.

The 49-year-old man was arrested on a charge of felony menacing.

Quite the pot of gold

Boulder police received a report from a business in Ireland on March 16 saying they had wired $88,000 to a company in Boulder to purchase a financial instrument in August of 2010.
The business was told they would begin receiving payments from the instrument 30 days after payment, and have yet to get anything from the Boulder company. Attempts have been made to contact the business, and there has been no reply.

Want your stuff back?

Boulder police recovered items from a car theft — now they just have to figure out who to return them to.

Police say the man arrested on suspicion of being behind the thefts admitted that he had broken into and stolen from several vehicles, one of them a Subaru parked in the 3000 block of 29th Street on March 7.

The police have several electronic accessories they hope to return to their rightful owner, but there have been no reports filed that match the incident.

Boulder police ask that anyone who believes that the items are theirs contact the department to file a report.