Poll: Don’t shut down government — in fact, keep Obamacare

Sen. Harry Reid
spirit of america / Shutterstock.com

A House bill to remove funding for the Affordable Care Act — you know, Obamacare — is not expected to pass the Senate. But the House Republicans who passed the effort to defund Obamacare to a short-term spending bill for the federal budget, meaning a government shutdown is imminent if the Democrat-controlled Senate doesn’t pass the bill.

It won’t, Senate Majority Leader Sen. Harry Reid has promised. And it shouldn’t, a majority of Americans say.

A CNBC survey found that members of the public oppose defunding Obamacare 44 percent to 38 percent. And when asked about the Republican plan, using a government shutdown to force Democrats to defund the health care law, a much larger percentage say it’s a bad idea: 59 percent oppose, 19 percent support and 22 percent aren’t sure.

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