Residents encouraged to secure trash and food sources to protect bears

Boulder Weekly Staff | Boulder Weekly

the fall season opens and the weather begins to cool, bears are beginning to
rummage for food in preparation for their winter hibernation. Local residents
can deter bears by securing any trash or food sources on their properties.

are attracted to things such as compost, garbage, bird feeders, food from
outdoor grills, pet food left outside and fruit from trees. The city of Boulder
recommends that residents store their trash and compost bins in a garage or
shed until the morning of collection, or keep their waste in a bear-resistant
trash container.

precautions will also contribute to the safety of the bears themselves. Over
the past six years, five bears have been killed in the city because of nuisance
behavior or a threat to public safety.

there is a bear in your backyard be sure to keep your distance. Back away from
the bear slowly, and never run. Do not approach a bear or get in between a cub
and its mother, and never give food to a bear as it will teach them to approach
others for food. Once you are safely away from a bear, try to scare it away by
yelling and making loud noises. It is safest for both bears and people to keep
them from getting accustomed to your property.

a bear is threatening human safety, pets or destroying property, call 911. To report past bear sightings and
encounters, call 303-441-3004.

more information, contact Val Matheson, Urban Wildlife Conservation

Coordinator, at 303-441-3004 or Residents within the city limits of Boulder
also can contact Western Disposal at 303-444-2037 to purchase bear-resistant
trash containers.