Romney implies Colorado has no green jobs, even though the state has over 70,000

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Presumptive Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney campaigned in Craig, Colo., this morning, where he slammed the Obama administration for its energy policies. Romney implied in his speech that there are no clean energy jobs in Colorado, an assertion that is blatantly untrue:

And then of course there’s [Obama’s] plan for energy. You
see, he said he was going to create some 5 million green energy jobs.
Have you seen those around here anywhere? No, as a matter of fact he’s
gone after energy.

There are actually tens of thousands of clean energy jobs in Colorado. According to the Bureau of Labor Statistics
[PDF], the state had 72,452 jobs in “green goods and services” in 2010.
In addition, the American Wind Energy Association also says that
Colorado’s wind energy industry alone supported 4,000-5,000 jobs in 2011.

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