Sunscreen in the Sky to Curb Climate Change?

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Increasing concentrations of greenhouse gases in the atmosphere are
causing global warming. On this, there is, outside of the denialist
fraternity (members of whom will doubtless be posting in the comments
section of this article), near-unanimity. It is a scientific consensus.

Discussion of the best way or ways to address this, however, reveals a
more fractured policy analysis. The great majority of proposed
solutions focus on reducing the amount of carbon dioxide being emitted
into the atmosphere via different emphases in energy policy, such as
promoting nuclear power, alternative energy sources or energy efficiency
(or any combination of the above). 

Some, not by any means necessarily to the mutual exclusivity of the
above, focus on attempting to reduce carbon dioxide already in the
atmosphere: by planting more trees, for example, which is generally
lauded as a worthy goal in and of itself, or by fertilizing the ocean with iron to promote the growth of phytoplankton, which is not.

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