Supreme Court Rules, Obamacare Can Go Forward

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The Supreme Court has ruled. Health care reform lives.

The decision was actually three separate rulings, with the justices
taking different positions on different parts of the law. But it means
that the Affordable Care Act can take effect, unless lawmakers decide to
repeal it, as Mitt Romey and congressional Republicans have vowed to

If fully implemented, thirty million people who might otherwise be
uninsured will get coverage. Tens of millions more will get better
insurance than they might have had, whether it’s seniors getting
additional drug coverage or purchasers of private insurance getting the
right to appeal insurer treatment decisions. Nearly all Americans will
gain new peace of mind—the knowledge that comprehensive coverage will
always be there, no matter what their medical or financial status.

Speaking at the White House moment ago, President Obama hailed the ruling and what it means for average Americans:

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