The ABCs of Apple v. Samsung

There are five drama-laden days of hearings coming up this week; here are some bite-sized takeaways

Songquan Deng/

If you’re just checking into Apple v. Samsung…you’ve missed some good stuff.

Often, patent disputes are mired in arcane legal arguments and mind-numbing technical detail.

This case, however, is as good a courtroom drama as Silicon Valley has
to offer. We’ve seen lawyers snapping at the judge. One of Samsung’s
lawyers literally begged the court to reverse a ruling. A steady stream
of juicy trade secrets has flowed out of both companies in the form of courtroom exhibits. And somewhere just offstage waits a third powerful player.

CNET broke the news last week that Google, the company that isn’t a party to the suit but has plenty at stake, is lending aid to Samsung as well as other
Android partners that Apple has named in similar patent suits.

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