This feels oddly familiar: EA’s Fifa 13 for Wii the same game as Fifa 12

Photo courtesy of Nintendo Gamer

OK, so sports video games do often feel the same, year after year. It’s always the same sport, after all.

But this might be taking that idea a little too far. Electronic Arts recently released FIFA 13, its huge soccer franchise, for the Wii, PlayStation 3 and XBox 360. And while the PS3 and XBox versions have been huge successes and well-received, the Wii version hasn’t fared so well. It turns out last year’s game will not earn you last year’s praise.

Yes, EA’s Wii version of FIFA 13 is FIFA 12 all over again. Nothing is different except roster updates and a soundtrack change. The game itself? It’s the same game.

Oh, and it’s still $50.

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