Twentieth Anniversary Edition: Boulder Weekly’s complete coverage

Boulder Weekly Staff | Boulder Weekly

Complete coverage of Boulder Weekly‘s 20th anniversary follows:

The Ultimate Masthead: The complete listing of 20 years of employees

Letters: A brief selection of 20 years’ worth of letters to the editor from Boulder Weekly readers

A Paul Danish Mad Lib: If you’re angry at our columnist but lack the time or energy to write out a complete letter, we have just the thing

Leland Rucker, BW‘s first editor, reflects on past two decades

Paul Danish wonders what Boulder will look like in 20 years

Columnist Dave Anderson recalls the battle over Amendment 2, which Colorado voters approved in 1993

Traveling back in time to talk to myself: An interview with Boulder Weekly founder and publisher Stewart Sallo, conducted by Stewart Sallo

Then and now: Editor Joel Dyer marvels at the parallels between reporting done 20 years and reporting being done today

Boulderganic: 20 years of environmental reporting

20-year predictions: Josh Gross says that Danish Plan 2.0 will encase Boulder in a giant dome

Back when the Internet had Flock of Seagulls hair: A look at the progression of Boulder Weekly‘s web presence

An entertaining 20 years: Arts & Entertainment Editor David Accomazzo looks back at what was happening on the music beat two decades ago

Dave Kirby, a music freelancer who has written for BW since issue No. 1, recalls his favorite moments