U.S. Soldiers Face Disciplinary Action for Quran Burning

Photo courtesy of Shutterstock.com

As many as seven U.S. service members face disciplinary action,
though not criminal charges, for their roles in the burning of Qurans
and other Islamic holy texts in Afghanistan in February, the Associated Press reports.

One Navy service member and six Army soldiers face disciplinary action, which, NBC News
explains, could range from a letter attached to their file to a
reduction in rank. As many as twelve U.S. troops were involved in the
chain of events that led to the burning, which set off a string of riots
and further frayed an already strained U.S-Afghan relationship.

Recommendations for punishment were included in a report on the
incident by a U.S. military investigation, which was submitted to the
Pentagon more than a week ago and leaked to the media late Tuesday
night. The investigation is still classified, and no final decisions
have yet been made.

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