Why fixing up old homes is greener than building new ones

none | Boulder Weekly

Looking for the ultimate earth-friendly bungalow? No need to engineer
some LEED certified space pod. Buy an old house and gird yourself for
an eco-friendly remodel.

A study
released Tuesday finds that in almost every instance, remodeling an old
building is greener than building a new one. Beyond that, it shows that
reusing old buildings provides immediate results in the fight against
climate change, while a relatively energy efficient new building won’t
pay climate dividends for decades.

Taken to the scale of the city, the study has some fascinating
implications. Cities, it turns out, serve as a sort of carbon sink — the
existing buildings hold a tremendous amount of “embodied energy.”
Conserving that energy by sparing these buildings from the wrecking ball
does a lot of good for the planet, too.

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  • Luke

    That is a great argument for remodeling instead of buying and building a new home! Quick question, what do you think about putting things in storage while you remodel? I’ve been looking around and Closetbox (https://closetbox.me/locations/boulder/) looks pretty convenient and easy to use, especially since they pick up and drop off your stuff for you and let you keep track of what you have in storage, online! Any thoughts? Everyone says less room = more stress, but isn’t less room easy to fix?