Letters: 12/8/16

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Response to Anderson

It is clear, by reading that article [Re: “You want it, you got it,” Nov. 24], Mr. Anderson is just another whining liberal. Hillary Clinton is the biggest crook coming down the pike and was beaten. You have all the excuses in the world. But the fact of the matter is she was beaten. The president of the last eight years is responsible for putting race relations back 40 years. The inner cities have never been worse. Our infrastructure has never been worse. And all that lady was promising was exactly the same as been happening the last eight years. I’m surprised he didn’t blame Bush. Quit your whining and get over it. I thank God that Trump is not beholding to the ilk that is the George Soroses of the world. Grow the hell up. Bye bye now.

Steve Roman/Scottsdale, Arizona

Good on us

I’m writing to congratulate Boulder Weekly for running the excellent and thorough examination of climate change, “Fighting climate change in the time of Trump” [Re: News, Nov. 24]. I appreciate the depth the article undertakes into looking at potential solutions to the every-escalating release of carbon by humanity.

It’s easy to say that the election of Trump and a Republican-majority Congress spells doom for efforts to address climate change. However, the ongoing warming up and release of carbon are continuing. What will it take to convince those who deny climate change? When will the wisdom of shifting our economy to sustainable-energy generation finally take root in all Americans’ minds?

We can’t wait for this to happen. Trump’s election by a plurality of less than 2 million votes (in what other democratic country can that happen?!) is a wake up call for all who know and care about our habitat. Environmental defenders will need to examine our own life styles, to lobby and work for changes in how our cities are structured, to work for local and statewide laws that incentivize energy conservation, to eat locally- and organically-produced food, and to prioritize local funding to support energy efficiency for all, including those who can’t afford it.

Meanwhile, the Citizens’ Climate Lobby will continue to strive to convince conservative and liberal politicians alike that a revenue-neutral carbon fee and dividend system can move the U.S. towards a sustainable energy economy. Prospects for that do appear dim at this time, but CCL is determined and focused, and our efforts will not abate.

Trump’s election should not deter our efforts. If anything, it should energize them!

Kenneth Nova/Boulder