Letters | Danish isn’t so bad


Correction: A May 23 story, “Home, home on the grange,” reported that there are only two operational granges left in Boulder County. Actually, there is a third: the Left Hand Grange #9 in Niwot.

Danish isn’t so bad

(Re: “Disregard Danish,” Letters, May 9.) Apparently some in Boulder cannot stand to read Paul Danish’s rational analysis of important topics.

I, for one, appreciate his intelligent and perceptive articles.

It is a good counterpoint to the usual liberals, socialists, anti-frackers and anti-nukers that mostly inhabit Boulder these days.

He is correct about fracking and nuclear energy. For the time being, it’s energy that we need due to increasing population.

Where do these anti-frackers think the gas comes from that heats their houses?

Thank you for having the courage and fairness to publish his most reasonable thoughts.

Bob Waber/Boulder

I don’t see the point of Danish trotting out Nixon’s ghost (“Nixon comes back as a Democrat,” Danish Plan, May 16). Anyone who knows anything about politics knows that Nixon could not even win a Republican primary today. Nor, for that matter, could Ronald Reagan.

Derek Scruggs/via Internet

We need a new governor

Gov. [John] Hickenlooper, why did you not support HB 13-1269, introduced by Rep. [Mike] Foote? What a shame. This bill could have created some good will from the concerned citizens of Longmont and other communities in Colorado who are being bullied by oil and gas companies. Many of these oil and gas companies are from out of state or are international. The best interests of our communities are not their priority. The bottom line is that they want our minerals, however they can get them, and if it means poisoning our air, water and land, so be it. This bill could have protected Colorado residents. It is shocking for those of us who chose to move to the Front Range for its beauty, health, lifestyle and high education rate to find out that all of this is threatened by an industry’s plan to significantly increase fracking activity in our communities.

Instead of supporting a bill that would help protect Colorado residents, we have a governor who concedes to corporate exploitation. We need to champion an ethical candidate for the next election who will represent his constituents and not sue them, as in the case of Longmont. We need a new governor.

Marilyn Belchinsky/Longmont