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Everyone counts

(Re: “Homeless survey on tap,” News, Dec. 22.) The holidays offer many of us a timeout — time off work, extra time with families and hopefully time to reflect on the things we take for granted most of the rest of the year: our health, our loved ones and the roof over our heads. Maybe keeping these blessings so present is why the holiday season also becomes the most charitable and neighborly time of year.

As true neighbors, each of us matters in Boulder County. No matter our income, race, gender, age or religion, we are all equal and deserve to be treated as equals in the eyes of our community.

We all count. And to demonstrate that even our least fortunate brothers and sisters do count, we need to count them. Literally.

Boulder County needs your help this month in a volunteer effort to raise awareness about homelessness and its causes, learn who and where the homeless in our community are, and direct much-needed resources to this often underserved group.

On Jan. 23 and 24, the Denver metro area is again running a massive survey (Point-in-Time Survey), and this can only be done with the help of volunteers like you!

For this extremely important undertaking, our county will need nearly 100 caring volunteers to help administer the survey. After a brief but thorough training, our volunteer pairs will be placed in agencies and in outreach areas throughout the county for two-hour shifts. The importance of this survey cannot be overstated. This information is critical to raise awareness of this issue, receive funding for housing and homeless services, and focus resources to meet the needs of our growing homeless populations.

Whether you can volunteer as an individual, part of a group of friends, or as representatives of your church or business, please lend us a hand to remind Boulder County’s homeless that they do indeed count. For more information, to volunteer, or to offer your organization’s participation, please email bchomelesscount@yahoo.com or call 303-441-1570.

Janet Walker Ready and Lora LeFhae, Boulder County coordinators/via Internet

Danish, Newt and bunnies

(Re: “Nixon on why I like Newt,” Danish Plan, Dec. 29.) Mr. Danish, a clever literary device using a disgraced former president as a prop while pontificating during a hallucinogenic stupor.

Perhaps you were trying, with humor, to divert the readers’ attention away from your fact-free bluster. As is usually the case with your writing, you state opinions without facts to substantiate your premise. You suggest that Newt Gingrich is a student of history and Obama is not. Nonsense! Obama often weaves historical narratives into his speeches. I suggest Danish sober up from his ODS (Obama Derangement Syndrome) affliction and do a “little” research.

It is laughable beyond words to suggest that Newt Gingrich is a formidable presence as candidate for president of the United States. So much can be said about this man that disqualifies him to be the commander in chief, but I will use just the most recent example. Mr. Gingrich suggested that scientists are wrong about climate change because he, Mr. Gingrich, an amateur paleontologist, has studied temperature data for years. Mr. Gingrich knows better than the IPCC, which has some of its finest minds right here in Boulder? This is ridiculous. Anyone who wants to base their opinions on this man rather than scientists from around the world deserves to be locked away with an invisible rabbit and a plate full of THC-laced brownies. Oh, I guess that is already the case with Mr. Danish. Happy trails to you … Hippity hop, hippity hop.

David Segal/Boulder

Incredible shrinking comics

You guys like to brag about how you are different than “corporate” newspapers, but I see you also are showing disrespect to the comics you run (This Modern World, Bob The Prairie Dog) by continuing to shrink their size in print. You pretty much need a magnifying glass to read the dialogue in them these days. If you don’t feel editorial cartoons are important enough to carry in your publication at a print size large enough to read, perhaps you should save your money and quit carrying them. We all can continue to read them online (just like we do with the comics that the “corporate” newspapers have shrunk or discontinued). Comics are a legitimate commentary on today’s issues. I could easily point out articles in your publication that could be “shrunk” to make room for these rather excellent comics.

Patrick Ashburn/Boulder

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