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Missing link (Re: “Watching (local) sausage being made,” Cuisine, May 31.) [Michael] Callahan’s article about Don’s and Boulder Sausage had a huge hole in it.

Joe Beeler bought the sleepy place from the original Don and built it into a thriving empire with multiple locations and lines of hungry customers out the door. After quite a few years, he sold at the peak of that, wherein it all crumbled for the new owners. I recall being turned off by the tacky pig motifs they decided to decorate the places with, and awkward changes to the menu.

To not mention Joe Beeler (and his family), who owned the place for many years (if not a couple of decades), is like leaving Henry Ford out of an article about the Ford Motor Company.

Mike Gibbons/via Internet

Vote for Sanfaçon Many of us have received several glossy large postcards from Elise Jones, who is Garry Sanfaçon’s opponent for the District 1 county commissioner seat in the June primary. Elise’s experience at the state level as Colorado Environmental Coalition executive director for 10 years and her endorsements are impressive. But her experience has been mainly at the state level.

On the issue of fracking, Garry and Elise are in sharp contrast. Elise fears that defying state statutes on natural gas drilling will invite litigation from the industry, whereas Garry believes that local governments should not give up their rights to self-determination (statements made at a forum on May 8 sponsored by League of Women Voters of Boulder County).

Elise has stated that “liquefied natural gas” could significantly curb U.S. dependence on foreign oil, reduce harmful emissions and create more jobs domestically as natural gas production increases (Collaboration for a New Energy Future, p.32, in Natural Gas 360, Advancing America’s Energy Solution, Colorado Gas and Oil Association, 2011).

Studies in New York and Pennsylvania have shown that any increase in local jobs has not been significant (Helene Jorgensen, Center for Economic Policy Research, Jan. 8, 2012, www.cepr.net), while harm to groundwater supplies has been documented by the EPA in Pavillion, Wyo.

In addition to his strong stand against fracking, Garry supports increasing energy efficiency and renewable energy: He believes “the county must be a leader in implementing and developing programs and incentives to maximize the application of energy efficiency measures and renewable energy…” Garry has been working for 20 years in the county “to protect the environment, support human services and enhance our quality of life.” Most recently, he was appointed to be the Fourmile Fire recovery manager and was greatly commended for his leadership and facilitation of a community approach. His endorsements include people he will need to work with as commissioner: local officials, community leaders and business owners.

His recent county listening tour shows his style: He listens to local concerns and carefully examines background information in forming his opinion of what is good for our county. He will be a commissioner who will listen and act wisely for local concerns.

Edna Loehman/Longmont