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Correction: An Oct. 25 photo caption with the story “50 years of skiing Colorado” in Winter Scene misidentified the skier alongside Vail co-founder Pete Seibert as Earl Eaton. The identity of that skier is unknown.

Nice rake

(Re: “Sequence of rakes,” Overtones, Oct. 25) Peter Alexander — really a delightful, informative review/description: You are a talented writer who collected lots of good info and ordered/ articulated it clearly. Well done!

Peter MacInerney/Berkeley, Calif.

A big red R

Editor’s note: The following is an open letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper. (Re: “The wrong marijuana message,” Danish Plan, Oct. 4.) First your arcane and moronic position on gun control and now you dare blaze forth with old-fashioned hypocrisy. Did you change sides? If we rip open your shirt will we see a big red R? What a disappointment you’re turning out to be.

Dave Roberts/Boulder

Rotten Danish

You really have to kind of pity Paul Danish. Later in life, after careers spent alternately spewing liberal opinions while posing as a Democrat and feeding at the public trough, then spurning those views and the record of his political career to become a fiercely libertarian pundit, he has paradoxically wound up as an anti-regulation oil industry apologist who must privately hate himself for his complete hypocrisy. One thinks of the two-faced Roman god Janus. Only more bitter …

In the Aug. 23 Weekly (“The toxic hell of fracking [children welcome],” Danish Plan), this deeply conflicted person disguises his latest screed about the wonders of fracking as an ad hominem attack on any who disagree with him — even to the point of accusing protesters of “using” their children (who, after all, will be the ones most likely to suffer long-term negative effects of fracking and have every right to have their own opinions) sandwiched between a letter from Gregory Iwan, who actually has some of the qualifications to comment on fracking, which Mr. Danish lacks, an article about present and future anti-fracking efforts in the area, and an article about potential (as yet unproven, but definitely possible) leaching of fluids from the Marcellus Shale formation into groundwater in Pennsylvania. How could that go wrong?

Fact-free Paul, antique apologist for the oil industry and generally bitter old man, must be busy putting the fire in his hair out after being so clearly shown to be holding an opinion that flies in the face of a great deal of research. Locals who have watched the shape-shifting of this columnist cum politician must share the bemusement I feel as the spectacle continues to unfold. Send in the clowns!

Jim Drevescraft/Nederland