Letters | Put DA story in perspective


In response to the article in both the Daily Camera and the Longmont Times-Call regarding the district attorney’s request for $1.7 million to remodel and upgrade the office, it may be helpful to put the district attorney’s remodel request in perspective and consider the amounts spent (or committed to be spent) in recent years on office space for other county-funded services: Parks and Open Space, $5.6 million; Recycling Center: $4.8 million; new facility for the coroner: $3.5 million; sheriff ’s office: $12 million for a new building, plus $2 million for a new shooting range; Probation: $1.3 million.

The DA’s office space has not been significantly improved since 1983. The current $1.7 million request ($300,000 of which is for necessary infrastructure upgrades, such as the electrical system) should be considered in this context.

Stan Garnett, district attorney/ Boulder

Vote yes on 65

The controversial 5-4 ruling by the Supreme Court in the Citizens United case released a torrent of money from corporations and billionaires trying to buy our elections. Our democracy is drowning in a flood of lies paid for by “secret” billionaires with agendas.

Hiding behind super PACs with benign-sounding names, the money fueling these assaults is not benign. It’s a cancer attacking the very fabric of our democracy.

In striking down sensible spending limits on campaigns, the Supreme Court gave too much control to a few wealthy interests. We’re left feeling powerless. We can address this injustice by passing Amendment 65. With 65, Colorado voters have a chance to require members of Congress to support a federal constitutional amendment restoring government of, by and for the people. Once enacted, Coloradans could see common-sense contributions, spending limits and transparency.

Feeling disgusted, bombarded and disempowered by the cancerous flood of money spent on negative ads? Take back your power by voting “yes” on Amendment 65.

Shari Malloy/Longmont

Danish and my head

Paul Danish hurts my head. He has written some crazy stuff before, but his piece in the Aug. 23 edition (“The toxic hell of fracking (children welcome),” Danish Plan) tops them all.

Mr. Danish is now quoting 12-year-olds to make his point that we liberals are ignorant dupes and anti-corporatists. I’d like to find some kids in a playground who have Republican parents and ask them what they think about Ben Bernanke’s fiscal and monetary policy and extrapolate their analysis on all conservatives.

Paul Danish, you have now stooped to a new low, and that is hard for you, sir.

David Segal/Boulder