Letters | Tell Danish about drought


Correction: The April 11 story “A taste of the world’s music at CU” was written by Peter Alexander, not David Accomazzo.

Tell Danish about drought

(“If you don’t like fracking, hope you like global warming,” Danish Plan, April 4.) Could somebody explain to Paul Danish that the Front Range climate is semi-arid, and the weather is in the second year of a severe drought which may go on for more years? There isn’t enough water now. Even farms with good water rights were cut off last summer. So, separately from various other concerns about fracking, we don’t have the spare 5,000 to 10,000 acre feet of water it’s going to take to frack all those planned wells.

Even worse: We certainly can’t afford to have all that water taken entirely out of the regional hydrologic cycle forever. Current fracking technology is flatly environmentally unsound in a dry region such as ours. “If you like fracking, I hope you don’t want local food.”

Dick Dunn/Hygiene

Why the Yukon?

(Re: “Young’s apology more telling than racist remark,” ICUMI, April 4.) While Palin and Young may have an inbreeding project going on — would it really be in the Yukon? The Yukon is a territory of Canada. Not part of Alaska or the U.S.

Paul Tiger/via Internet