Letters | Valmont is a health risk


Valmont is a health risk

(Re: “Valmont cemetery families say city in danger of digging up human remains,” The Ghosts of Valmont Butte series, Feb. 2.) What I wanted to offer was the fact that the city should not be digging anywhere near this cemetery without first getting some ground penetrating radar studies done.

In today’s modern cemeteries, the standard depth of burials is 18 to 24 inches below ground level, with heavy equipment utilization. In the pioneer days, hand-dug graves, especially in winter months, may have been as shallow as 6 to 8 inches deep, which presents a number of complex issues if the city starts digging the 18 inches the article speaks to.

Not the least of these worries would be exposures to health hazards due to causes of death back in the day that, once exposed again to oxygen, could be an issue bigger than the ideal of cautiously moving forward with GPR first.

Anyone involved with such a dig would be risking their own health along with anyone near the scene, and liabilities for the city would grow exponentially.

I own a cemetery expert consultancy, and we have been involved in these types of operations in other states. The World Health Organization has published hundreds of records over the last decade relative to the risks associated with such an endeavor.

It would be highly recommended that the city listen to those who have warned them of the hazards and concerns, and proceed with great caution, and think beyond expense, if they are to move forward with this. We are also available to assist in this matter if need be.

I was a 16-year resident of Boulder, and would hate to see them do anything to either deface this historic ground or put people at risk.

Bob Roberts, CemOps/Midland, Texas

Guide to CSAs

(Re: “Searching for a CSA,” Boulderganic, Feb. 2.) I run a CSA directory; here are all the CSAs that have pickups in Boulder: http://coloradocsas.info/csas/pickupCity/Boulder.

I agree with Jessica George — there is a lot of variety out there, but if you want the vegetables and can handle the commitment, any CSA is better than none.

Dan Moore/via Internet

Fracking Danish

(Re: “War on fracking,” Danish Plan, Jan. 12.) Can’t believe this nonfactual drivel is still being written. Are you a gas company worker?

Lots of highly educated people are frightened by what hydrofracking is doing to our environment. Watch a video by Tony Ingraffea for instance, from Cornell. Since most of this gas will eventually be shipped overseas, it will not help our energy independence.

I could go on for hours relaying the facts of all the bad things related to this insane practice, but take some time, read up on it yourself!

Jody Neugebauer/via Internet

Way to go there Paul. Somebody needs to have the balls to stand up to the crazie commies in Boulder. SOPA is next.

Jann Scott/via Internet