Help Elizabeth Warren fight the madness


It’s a Mad, Mad, Mad, Mad World. That was the title of a kooky 1960s movie, but an even kookier sequel could be made today starring the mad, mad, mad, mad Republican leaders of the U.S. House.


They are mad in both senses of the word — insane and angry. Start with insane. They rant ceaselessly against the bugaboo of Big Government, mindlessly breezing past the fact that it was meek and weak government that only months ago allowed Wall Street to crash our economy, BP to make an environmental and economic mess of the Gulf, and Massey Energy to kill 29 miners in Upper Big Branch.

How insane are they? They’re openly hugging up Wall Street banksters — the one group in America with a public approval rating lower than Congress! The GOP majority is wailing that these poor millionaires are victims of government abuse, while snapping at Democrats like mad dogs and howling their intent to remove even the feeble restraints that Democrats put on Wall Street greed a year ago.

Their insane defense of these deservedly despised financial manipulators is now being magnified by their uncontrolled anger at Elizabeth Warren. She’s the bankruptcy expert who correctly warned during the Bush regime that Wall Street’s unbridled greed was leading our economy over a cliff. She also successfully pushed to include, for the first time, a consumer voice in financial regulation, and she’s now doing the heavy lifting of getting the new consumer financial protection agency up and running.

Wall Street despises Warren because she’s smart, savvy and effective. So the bankers unleashed their GOP attack dogs to go after her with a vengeance, and they’ve responded with a furious pettiness — including zeroing out her salary.

To help Warren fend off the madness, contact Bankster USA:


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