Putting ‘The People’ in a political platform

Courtesy of Jim Hightower

What if a political party’s platform actually stood for workaday people, rather than being a catalogue of far-out, right-wing nuttiness, or a batch of nothingness meant to preserve business as usual?

Lo and behold: This year’s Democratic Party platform. It’s not perfect, of course, but thanks to Bernie Sanders’ revolutionary presidential campaign, this platform is actually rich in populist policies for The People. It puts Democrats on-record for such overdue national needs as:

— A nationwide jobs initiative to hire millions of Americans to rebuild and expand our crumbling infrastructure.

— A $15 national minimum wage.

— Breaking up too-big-to-fail Wall Street banks.

— Making public colleges tuition-free for working-class families.

— Expanding Social Security.

— Making it harder for CEOs to block workers from joining unions.

— Reestablishing postal banks in our public post offices to give low-income families affordable access to banking.

— Encouraging renewable energies to replace Big Oil’s destructive fracking process.

— Expanding community health centers to reach 25 million more uninsured families, requiring Medicare to negotiate with Big Pharma to lower our drug prices, and encouraging states to provide universal health care.

— Decriminalizing marijuana, eliminating for-profit prisons and detention centers, and abolishing the death penalty.

— Eliminating SuperPacs, providing financing of elections and automatic voter registration, and making election day a national holiday.

None of this is a done deal, but at least one party is committing to an agenda that grassroots progressives can organize around. So, let’s get moving!

This opinion column does not necessarily reflect the views of Boulder Weekly.

  • ernie_oertle

    Lo & behold, the perfect – that is to say, the piggrezzive – Demoncrat platform. It sort-of puts CamradesUnited on record for such bolshevist national needs as =

    — A rhetorical & BS scheme to continue hoodwinking thePeople about “government-**jobs**”, that under-employs via part-time, that massively over-regulates businesses that is the driving-force of off-shoring, & that overwhelms the pool-of-workes WITH illegal-aliens – in a bogus jobs-initiative of make-work so-as to further gubmit-dependency & leftwinger-graft resulting in the continued disappearance of funds supposedly aimed at infrastructure. That won’t drive the costs of everything else up.

    — A economically-insane $15 national minimum-wage, pushed by ideologic economic-theory illiterate redistributionists. That won’t drive the costs of everything else up.

    — The biggest fans of & the beneficiaries of 8-Obama-yrs of 1%er mendacity swearing they are going to break-up too-big-to-fail WallStreet banks. Another lefty malapropism.

    — Making public colleges tuition-free for working-class families – won’t drive the costs of everything else up.

    — Expanding SocialSecurity – meaning adding un-earned & un-paid-for benefits & pay-outs to Democrat-voting illegal-aliens. That won’t drive the costs of everything-else up.

    — Making it easier for unions to control & bully workers into forced-induction in to unions, & union-boss control of members & how they vote.

    — Continue the socialist destruction of another industry by initializing gubmit banks in faux-compassion for low-income families(Democrat permanent underclass voting-bloc) **affordable** access to banking. That won’t drive the costs of everything-else up.

    — Burdening taxpayers to artificially-prop **renewable energies** to destroy BigOil’s technological break-thru & proven-SAFE fracking process, w/ the leftist object of ruining established & traditional energy-industries & continuing American foreign petro-dependency. That won’t drive the costs of everything-else up.

    — “… Expanding community health centers to reach 25 million more uninsured families ..” Why are 25mil+ uninsured? Ooh that’s right! – because leftist Economy-destroying policies causes job-elimination, down-sizing, work-hours cut, & employers no-longer able to afford benefits – all as part of a massive leftwinger-trick to wreck the healthcare & insurance-industries w/ the object of the heroic neo-totalitarians coming to the rescue … w/ Single Payer!! Where the SmartPeople socialists & statists & obummunists can take control of 1/6th+ of the nation’s Economy, & remove the individual’s freedom to make one’s own health-choices. That won’t drive the costs of everything up.

    — Decriminalizing marijuana so-as to employ its effects on users as a volition-suppression tool & propaganda-manipulator by those w/ darkened alinskyite political ambitions. Those same sinistral-figures really have no objection to prisons & more prisons – they just find the word `profit’ indigestible.

    — Eliminating SuperPacs, except those that raise beer-money & fund dense tv-comedians, or, represent unions. And of-course, Hightower has got to get in the left’s dig for increased election-fraud & numberless vote-casting, w/ the ploy to make ElectionDay a national bacchanalian rite w/, yanno, free beer for Democrat voters.