<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Articles]]> <![CDATA[Why are we taxpayers subsidizing corporate crime?]]> <![CDATA[Hardhats, hippies and hawks]]> <![CDATA[LETTERS]]> <![CDATA[news briefs]]> New rules released for hydraulic fracturing on public and tribal lands by the U.S. Department of the Interior called for increased transparency on chemicals used by posting them to the website FracFocus within 30 days of completing operations, “validation of well integrity and strong cement barriers between the wellbore and water zones through which the wellbore passes”; “higher standards for interim storage of recovered waste fluids from hydraulic fracturing to mitigate risks to air, water and wildlife”; and “measures to lower the risks of crosswell contamination with chemicals and fluids used in the fracturing operation.”]]> <![CDATA[Whitewashing the past]]> Forty-six years ago, a group of Denver high school students and Chicano supporters participated in a walkout. Some were beaten by police and arrested. They were protesting the fact that a history teacher was teaching them a washed-over, ethnocentric version of history.]]> <![CDATA[The magic of Kesem]]> When Al Visconti was diagnosed with synovial sarcoma in 2004, his son was only 4 weeks old. Intense chemotherapy followed, as well as debates about whether the affected leg would need to be amputated. Surgery saved the leg, but the chemo continued. For nine months, Vicsonti would come home from the doctor connected to a pump that delivered drugs for five days straight. He endured this every three weeks for the entire nine months.]]> <![CDATA[Rewear, reuse, recycle]]> On average, the U.S. generates about 25 billion pounds of textiles each year — 85 percent of which end up in landfills, according to the nonprofit Council for Textile Recycling. With post-consumer textile waste accounting for more than 5 percent of all municipal solid waste generated in the U.S. each year, the need for convenient solutions to a complex problem are becoming crucial.]]> <![CDATA[eco-briefs]]> “As a result, in much of the state, it is illegal to divert rainwater falling on your property expressly for a certain use unless you have a very old water right or during occasional periods when there is a surplus of water in the river system,” the division writes on their website.]]> <![CDATA[Powder, paranormal and more: The underrated adventure sports mecca of Glenwood Springs]]> There were ghosts, they told us. Strange bumps and sounds in the night. Lights that turned on and off for no apparent reason. Doors that slammed shut, suddenly and without warning. Things that kept you up at night. We thought about it and then climbed into the deep softness of our bed.]]> <![CDATA[Upcoming Events]]> Elk Mountain Grand Traverse racers start from Crested Butte at midnight to complete a 40-mile course to Aspen that covers 7,800 feet of elevation gain.]]> <![CDATA[Rock, Snow, Water, Ice: Glenwood’s Outdoor Options]]> <![CDATA[Free-range art]]> Somewhere between the cupcakes and the ciabatta, a cluster of singers will belt out love ballads. Watercolor landscape paintings will provide a backdrop to the rods and reels for sale at Front Range Anglers. The tale of Little Red Riding Hood will be retold — for adults — with shadow puppets on the walls of a dance studio.]]> <![CDATA[Mother of reinvention]]> While he was growing up in Athens, Georgia, nobody in Kevin Barnes’ immediate family played music. They had a piano in the house and his sisters took piano lessons briefly, but his parents never listened to music unless they were in the car. Fortunately, the Of Montreal mastermind had some uncles and cousins who played music.]]> <![CDATA[Music for movement, and movement to music]]> The Boulder Bach Festival will reprise its highly successful 2014 partnership with 3rd Law Dance/Theater with a new work that combines the music of J.S. Bach with iconoclastic 20th-century American composer John Cage.]]> <![CDATA[Fleshing the bones]]> Talking about sexual assault is uncomfortable. It’s sensitive, disruptive and combative. But talking about sexual assault is vital, says poet Dominique Christina. “You have to interrupt, and you have to agitate,” Christina says. “I’m interested in radical conversations that pull people into consciousness and call power out. You have to risk the discomfort because you know what the end game is, and you know how bad it can be if you don’t. All of it is inconvenient. Any fight is inconvenient. Any rebellion is inconvenient. Any revolution is inconvenient.”]]> <![CDATA[Sing]]> Ellis is kicking off the return of the Wildflower Concert Series on Friday night. If you haven’t seen her previously, now is your chance to catch her powerful and fun-loving show at the most beautiful and intimate venue in the county.]]> <![CDATA[Sign]]> American Sign Language is an expressive language that doesn’t use volume or tone to make a point, but uses expression and movement instead. While most poetry is associated with spoken word, ASL Slam is working to expand those limits and provide a platform for literary and performing artists in the deaf community.]]> <![CDATA[Listen]]> Just in time for spring, Colorado’s own Taarka is back with a new album Making Tracks Home. Taarka’s sound is filled with a variety of different string instruments laying a foundation for vocals from husbandand-wife duo David and Enion Pelta- Tiller.]]> <![CDATA[Arts | Week of March 26, 2015]]> First Glance/Second Look: Quilts from the Denver Art Museum Collection..]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of March 26, 2015]]> “Walt Whitman Sings” A Spirit Revival in Story and Song..]]>