<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Archives]]> <![CDATA[Stiff refreshment]]> In an era of bow-tied, mustachioed bartenders debating the merits and uses of house-made shrubs, molecular mixology and food-flavored liquors, sometimes it’s refreshing to return to the basics.]]> <![CDATA[Tidbites | Week of July 2, 2015]]> As the Fourth of July approaches, so does the trouble of deciding what to do on this happening weekend. Beyond the sights of the grill in your backyard and excessive use of sparklers, Boulder County will be offering a number of food-based events for this upcoming Fourth of July celebration.]]> <![CDATA[September High School]]> At September High School, our accredited program has been changing lives for more than 40 years. Located on a beautiful downtown-Boulder campus, the small class sizes and respectful atmosphere provide students with an ideal environment to engage in rigorous academic and creative coursework within a culture of challenge, empowerment and support.]]> <![CDATA[Who Killed The Vote on Fracking Part Two]]> While such a radical escalation in price would create a giant economic windfall for those who are invested in natural gas — giant as in when you consider the incredibly large global reserves of shale gas, it could be one of the largest expanders of wealth in history — it would not be good for everyone.]]> <![CDATA[Agency to return $7.7 million to investors in Internet scam]]> <![CDATA[Christmas for Music Lovers]]> Though the market for purchasing and listening to music has largely moved online, hardcore music fans still dedicated to physical records have resisted the move, fetishing the act of collecting vinyl. What used to be a common act of commerce has now turned into a subculture, and like all cultures, it even has its own holiday: Record Store Day, celebrated every year on the third Saturday of April.]]> <![CDATA[Ten days of creation]]> People have thrown around the idea of something like Boulder Arts Week for a while, but it was Bill Obermeier, from The Dairy Centre for the Arts, and David Dadone, from the Boulder Museum of Contemporary Art, who both started to actually talk about making the event a reality.]]> <![CDATA[Words and music]]> When Krewella first started talking about signing to major label Columbia Records, the group left no room for confusion on its demand for creative control over its music. “That was a huge priority,” says Yasmine Yousaf, one of Krewella’s two singers. “When we signed to Columbia, it was one of the first things we said. It was like ‘Guys, we’re really headstrong. We’re kind of the assholes if you want to take the creative shit away from us.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder is no Seattle]]> <![CDATA[Thank you!]]> <![CDATA[wehaa test]]> test]]> <![CDATA[Rock and roll masonry]]> Something about summertime in Boulder seems to bring out the true colors of its community, as if the sun unleashes the great vibes emanating throughout this diverse and lively town; vibes that can be found in abundance at Boulder’s annual Bands on the Bricks series, which runs June 11 to Aug.]]> <![CDATA[Extras]]> <![CDATA[Tara Performing Arts]]> Tara is a Waldorf high school specializing in a rigorous, college-preparatory curriculum with an emphasis on the performing arts. Deliberately small in size, with 12 to 15 students per class, there is no highly competitive audition process for admission.]]> <![CDATA[schedule]]> <![CDATA[Shining Mountain Waldorf School]]> Shining Mountain is a Pre-K–12th grade school fully accredited by the Association of Colorado Independent Schools, the Association of Waldorf Schools of North America and the National Association of Independent Schools.]]> <![CDATA[The Watershed School]]> Founded a decade ago on research-based best practices, Watershed connects everything students learn to the real world, both on and off campus. Students study real-world problems in the Front Range, Silicon Valley, and around the world -- and they apply their knowledge in real-world ways.]]> <![CDATA[Dawson School]]> Dawson School is the region’s premier K-12 independent school, offering challenging college-preparatory academics, robust athletics and arts programs as well as renowned outdoor and experiential education. We are a community of students, faculty and families who are passionate about education.]]> <![CDATA[Catalyst High School]]> Catalyst High School is accredited through the North Central Association (AdvancED, CASI). Our mission is to nurture promising teens and empower them to develop responsibility for their own education.]]> <![CDATA[Out of balance]]> This year, hundreds of thousands of Coloradans signed petitions to create ballot initiatives that asked for more local control over the oil and gas development happening near their homes, schools and businesses as well as increased setbacks.]]>