<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - National Today]]> <![CDATA[MGA relaunches Bratz line with updated look]]> The outfits are less sexy, the makeup and hair a bit more demure and the heels not as sky-high, but the saucy Bratz dolls are strutting their way back onto toy shelves.]]> <![CDATA[Senate votes on budget bill, passes it back to House]]> The Democratic-controlled U.S. Senate passed a new version of a government spending bill that averts a government shutdown but preserves funding for the Affordable Care Act, passing the issue back to the Republican-controlled House.]]> <![CDATA[Michele Bachmann defends record after Tim Pawlenty barbs in GOP debate]]> <![CDATA[Mitt Romney Takes Wisconsin, 2 Other Primaries]]> Mitt Romney won the Wisconsin GOP primary and a pair of other nominating contests on Tuesday, further cementing his status as his party's likely presidential nominee.]]> <![CDATA[Why thousands celebrated the death of Margaret Thatcher ]]> Thousands of people across the world hit the streets in celebration after the death of Margaret Thatcher early April 8. As adoring eulogies rang out from leaders and the media, including President Barack Obama, general opinion was sometimes quite different.]]> <![CDATA[PETA's Terrible, Horrible, No Good, Very Bad History of Killing Animals]]> In 2011, People for the Ethical Treatment of Animals (PETA) behaved in a regrettably consistent manner: it euthanized the overwhelming majority (PDF) of dogs and cats that it accepted into its shelters. Out of 760 dogs impounded, they killed 713, arranged for 19 to be adopted, and farmed out 36 to other shelters (not necessarily "no kill" ones). As for cats, they impounded 1,211, euthanized 1,198, transferred eight, and found homes for a grand total of five. PETA also took in 58 other companion animals -- including rabbits. It killed 54 of them.]]> <![CDATA[SEALs killed in Afghan crash were answering call for help]]> <![CDATA[Head of State: Hillary Clinton, the blind dissident, and the art of diplomacy in the Twitter era]]> Secretary of State Hillary Clinton sat down on a plush yellow couch at the J.W. Marriott late on a Saturday morning in early May. The Beijing skyline sparkled, uncharacteristically sunny and smog-free, out the window of her 23rd-floor suite, and she was wearing sunglasses even though we were indoors, "an eye infection," she said apologetically. Clinton seemed surprisingly upbeat, especially considering that just a day earlier, she had come uncomfortably close to a major public rebuff by the Chinese -- much closer, in fact, than anyone yet realized. "It was a standoff," she told me, "for 24 difficult hours."]]> <![CDATA[Obamas' vacation similar to what most tourists get on Mt. Desert Island]]> <![CDATA[Why the Christian Right Doesn't Care That Mitt Romney is a Mormon]]> When Dallas First Baptist Church pastor Robert Jeffress endorsed Mitt Romney this week, it raised some eyebrows. Jeffress, after all, was the evangelical leader who roiled last year’s Value Voters Summit by casually telling reporters that Mitt Romney was “not a Christian,” but instead a member of the Mormon “cult.”]]> <![CDATA[Romney announces he's pro-life — when he's not pro-choice]]> It's the trick these days: If you're polling poorly among women, as Republican candidate Mitt Romney is, act like you give a shit about women's issues.]]> <![CDATA[Clinton draws line on Syria: chemical weapons]]> U.S. Secretary of State Hillary Clinton says the U.S. is setting a "red line" on Syria's treatment of citizen unrest: If Syria uses chemical weapons against its citizens, the U.S. would "take action."]]> <![CDATA[Donating to a popular GOP candidate? Beware look-alike sites]]> Yes, the website does disclose the name of the political action committee (PAC) in a few places. At the bottom, there's even a brief disclaimer.]]> <![CDATA[Supreme Court Decision on Obamacare Looms]]> Places, everyone: a Supreme Court decision on the Affordable Care Act, aka Obamacare, is expected this week, possibly as soon as late Monday morning.]]> <![CDATA[Gabby Douglas: Her Childhood Path to the Olympics]]> It might seem a little early soon to do a career retrospective on a 16-year-old, but even as an 8-year-old, Gabby Douglas could do more pushups than you. At the risk of gushing, Douglas has already been through soaring highs and heart-breaking lows on her path to becoming all-around Olympic champion.]]> <![CDATA[Arizona’s Immigration Law Violates Civil Rights. Why Didn’t Anyone Mention That at the Supreme Court?]]> In arguments before the Supreme Court on Arizona’s SB 1070 immigration law last month, the elephant in the room—racial profiling and discrimination—made just a short-lived cameo appearance. When the Justice Department’s top lawyer rose to make the Obama administration’s case against SB 1070, the Chief Justice immediately demanded confirmation that “no part of your argument has to do with racial or ethnic profiling, does it?” A few moments later he reiterated: “OK. So this is not a case about ethnic profiling.”]]> <![CDATA[Kentucky AG won't appeal ruling on out of state same sex marriages]]> After a federal judge ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages from other states, the state Attorney General, Jack Conway, has decided not to appeal the ruling.]]> <![CDATA[Elizabeth Smart's abductor found guilty of kidnapping, rape]]> <![CDATA[J.D. Salinger, reclusive author of 'The Catcher in the Rye,' dies at 91]]> <![CDATA[Bin Laden's Private Papers Go Online]]> The latest batch of Osama Bin Laden's papers were made public Thursday, providing a glimpse into the thinking of the now-deceased al-Qaida leader's final days.]]>