<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - National Today]]> <![CDATA[After German outrage, Obama tells Merkel she isn't tapped]]> Acting on a suspicion that its members had been targeted by surveillance by the U.S., the German government pressed President Barack Obama to know whether U.S. intelligence agencies had listened in on German conversations.]]> <![CDATA[NSA spying on computers not connected to internet]]> The New York Times is reporting that the NSA has used software it implanted in nearly 100,000 computers to spy on their data, or create the opportunity for cyberattacks even if they computers are not ]]> <![CDATA[Edwards not guilty on one, deadlock on others]]> The jury in the trial of John Edwards has found the former senator not guilty on one count and is deadlocked on the remaining five, leading the judge to declare a mistrial on them, the Associated Press reported.]]> <![CDATA[NRA's LaPierre on Navy Yard: More guns, lock up 'lunatics']]> Another gun massacre, another Wayne LaPierre press tour.]]> <![CDATA[Video: North Korea is aiming for Colorado Springs. Except it doesn't know where it is.]]> North Korea has released a new video threatening to attack the United States, including Colorado Springs, with missiles. But its aim looks to be a little off.]]> <![CDATA[NYPD officer charged with cocaine-smuggling plot]]> <![CDATA[Arizona Law Would Make It Illegal to Teach Law, History or Literature]]> SB 1467, newly introduced in the Arizona State Senate, would force schools and universities to suspend, fine, and ultimately fire any teacher or professor who “engage[d] in speech or conduct that would violate the standards adopted by the federal communications commission concerning obscenity, indecency and profanity if that speech or conduct were broadcast on television or radio.”]]> <![CDATA[GOP increasing minority voter suppression in Southern states]]> The racial demographics of the South are shifting quickly, and Republicans just aren't keeping up.]]> <![CDATA[Republican Negative Ad Spending Explodes]]> On Friday Karl Rove’s Crossroads GPS announced a major advertising blitz. Over the next month, beginning Tuesday, it will spend $25 million on air time in the key swing states of Colorado, Florida, Iowa, Michigan, North Carolina, New Hampshire, Nevada, Ohio and Virginia.]]> <![CDATA[GOP to Mitt Romney: Own your Mormonism]]> Mitt Romney’s Mormon faith has hovered over his 20-year political career like a thick layer of incense at Easter Mass. Negative perceptions of the religion so worried his 2008 presidential team that the dilemma had its own acronym in campaign power point presentations: TMT (That Mormon Thing).]]> <![CDATA[Democrats losing favor with some Latinos]]> <![CDATA[Fort Hood shooting suspect was under FBI probe in 2008]]> <![CDATA[Jeb Bush Offers Some Light Praise For Obama]]> Up is down, left is right. One week after Bill Clinton had some kind words to say about Mitt Romney's time in the private sector, Jeb Bush on Thursday had something nice to say about President Obama's time in office.]]> <![CDATA[Supreme court denies to hear appeal on "boobies" ban ]]> A Pennsylvania school district that lost a lawsuit after banning students from wearing breast cancer awareness bracelets had its appeal denied by the U.S. Supreme Court.]]> <![CDATA[GOP in no rush to legislate if 'Obamacare' goes down]]> Republicans still have only one thing in mind when it comes to President Barack Obama’s health care law: full repeal.]]> <![CDATA[Body of missing N.C. girl found]]> <![CDATA[Proposal to put Reagan's face on the $50 bill generates controversy]]> <![CDATA[Romney camp disputes 'Anglo-Saxon' comment]]> Vice President Joe Biden on Wednesday called a Mitt Romney adviser’s comment that the Republican candidate better understands the UK-USA relationship because of a shared “Anglo-Saxon heritage” — a notion Romney spokeswoman Andrea Saul insisted was “not true” — a “disturbing start” to Romney’s foreign trip.]]> <![CDATA[Special Prosecutor Won't Use Grand Jury in Trayvon Case]]> The special prosecutor for Florida state's investigation into the shooting death of Trayvon Martin will not send the case to a grand jury, her office announced Monday, cautioning that the decision should not be interpreted as a signal about whether George Zimmerman will ultimately face charges.]]> <![CDATA[Obama critical of GOP's 'Pledge to America']]>