<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - National Today]]> <![CDATA[U.S. government issues guidelines for banks to provide services to marijuana businesses]]> Banks now have permission to offer financial services to marijuana-related businesses.]]> <![CDATA[In Ohio, fracking inches forward]]> In central Ohio, the Wayne National Forest is becoming yet another staging ground for a fight over fracking, as Wayne Forest Supervisor Anne Carey decided not to rewrite the plan for the management of the forest and prevent hydraulic fracturing in the area.]]> <![CDATA[American Airlines probes deaths of puppies]]> <![CDATA[Video: North Korea is aiming for Colorado Springs. Except it doesn't know where it is.]]> North Korea has released a new video threatening to attack the United States, including Colorado Springs, with missiles. But its aim looks to be a little off.]]> <![CDATA[Obama calls Arizona move on immigration 'misguided']]> President Barack Obama, urging Congress Friday to press forward on "comprehensive immigration reform," warned that the absence of federal action will only encourage "misguided efforts" such as those in Arizona. With support from some Republicans as well as Democrats in the Senate, the president is attempting to renew a long-simmering debate over immigration reform in Congress. His goal, he maintains, is not only to strengthen the borders, but also to address the fate of the many millions of immigrants who already have arrived in the U.S. illegally.]]> <![CDATA[Poll: Don't shut down government — in fact, keep Obamacare]]> A House bill to remove funding for the Affordable Care Act — you know, Obamacare — is not expected to pass the Senate.]]> <![CDATA[Obama seeks $50 billion in transportation spending to create jobs]]> <![CDATA[Russia Likely to Free Members of Pussy Riot]]> <![CDATA[Republicans aim to slash spending in coming debt ceiling talks]]> Picking winners and losers in the recently resolved "fiscal cliff" debate is not easy.]]> <![CDATA[Opinion: Time for action, not words, on Guantanamo Bay]]> The prison at Guantanamo Bay houses 166 prisoners. Of those, 86 have been cleared for release, but the U.S. government has refused to do so. And now, more than 100 are participating in a hunger strike in protest of their treatment.]]> <![CDATA[Obama: Romney still hiding truth about his taxes]]> How can you criticize people for not paying taxes if you're not willing to release your own?]]> <![CDATA[Blue-Collar Votes Will Make or Break Santorum in Michigan and Beyond]]> The Michigan primary will test one of the most common -- but as yet unproven -- assumptions in the Republican presidential race: the expectation that Rick Santorum will be a strong candidate for blue-collar voters.]]> <![CDATA[Kentucky AG won't appeal ruling on out of state same sex marriages]]> After a federal judge ruled that Kentucky must recognize same-sex marriages from other states, the state Attorney General, Jack Conway, has decided not to appeal the ruling.]]> <![CDATA[Joe the Plumber in bid to become Joe the Congressman]]> <![CDATA[Did Ward Churchill verdict kill free speech at universities?]]> The Colorado Supreme Court's decision to reject Ward Churchill's appeal could signal a dark day for the Bill of Rights, says Wendy Kaminer for The Atlantic.]]> <![CDATA[Gabby Douglas: Her Childhood Path to the Olympics]]> It might seem a little early soon to do a career retrospective on a 16-year-old, but even as an 8-year-old, Gabby Douglas could do more pushups than you. At the risk of gushing, Douglas has already been through soaring highs and heart-breaking lows on her path to becoming all-around Olympic champion.]]> <![CDATA[Obama backs American Indian policies, but 1 tribe is left in limbo]]> <![CDATA[Contents of Whitey Bulger's apartment set to be auctioned]]>   The New York Times is reporting that the contents of the apartment belonging to convicted mobster and the inspiration for the Martin Scorcese film, The Departed, are going to be auctioned of]]> <![CDATA[Nevada county gives brothel OK to hire male sex workers]]> <![CDATA[Senate nears passage of $858 billion tax-cut deal]]>