<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - World]]> <![CDATA[Afghan government pursues talks with Taliban leaders]]> <![CDATA[Haitians sleeping in the streets in fear of another quake]]> <![CDATA[At least 14 die in attacks on Baghdad polling stations]]> Three polling stations in Baghdad were struck by explosions Thursday that killed at least 14 people, an apparent attempt to sow fear ahead of elections Sunday that Iraqis hope will stabilize their country after years of bloodshed.]]> <![CDATA[U.S. makes double-barrel bid at disarming Taliban]]> <![CDATA[9 protesters reportedly killed as demonstrations erupt across Syria]]> <![CDATA[Three inmates killed in botched prison escape in Haiti]]> <![CDATA[North Korea leader Kim Jong Il's son is promoted to four-star general]]> <![CDATA[Workers struggle to save Haiti history buried in rubble of tax office]]> <![CDATA[Medical correspondents face delicate balance in Haiti]]> <![CDATA[Libyan city no longer ruled by Gadhafi, but protests continue]]> Days after the police were run out of town or joined the revolution, the police station was burned down and its files strewn on charred ground, residents of this coastal Libyan city still are on the streets protesting Moammar Gadhafi's regime.]]> <![CDATA[Ukraine's young democracy is marked by theatrics]]> <![CDATA[Dubai World, bankers set to meet Monday on revamp plan]]> <![CDATA[Violence in classrooms is a problem in far-off Kyrgyzstan]]> <![CDATA[Guards allowed Mexican prisoners out to act as hit men, authorities say]]> <![CDATA[Scientists warn that oceans' marine life on 'brink of extinction']]> <![CDATA[China remains passive as Korean standoff escalates]]> <![CDATA[Iran, Saudi Arabia tensions rise over missing scientist]]> <![CDATA[China faces problem familiar to US: Flood of illegal workers]]> <![CDATA[Mexican marijuana smugglers turn to ultralight aircraft]]> Several times a week, drug smugglers somewhere along Mexico's border with the United States strap themselves into low-flying ultralight aircraft and take off with loads of marijuana. They usually fly at night with no lights and often, they're guided only by the dim screen of a handheld satellite navigation tool, looking for a precise spot in the desert.]]> <![CDATA[Haiti business community seeks to help rebuild economy]]>