<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - World]]> <![CDATA[U.S. citizens arrested while helping Haitian orphans, church member says]]> <![CDATA[Bahrain declares state of emergency]]> <![CDATA[Haiti turning garbage into energy]]> <![CDATA[Afghan President Karzai's half brother assassinated]]> Ahmed Wali Karzai, the younger half brother of President Hamid Karzai and one of the most powerful men in Afghanistan, was assassinated Tuesday at his residence in Kandahar, the family's hometown.]]> <![CDATA[Mexican marijuana smugglers turn to ultralight aircraft]]> Several times a week, drug smugglers somewhere along Mexico's border with the United States strap themselves into low-flying ultralight aircraft and take off with loads of marijuana. They usually fly at night with no lights and often, they're guided only by the dim screen of a handheld satellite navigation tool, looking for a precise spot in the desert.]]> <![CDATA[8.8 earthquake hits Chile; tsunami feared throughout eastern Pacific]]> <![CDATA[Troops hand out food, water in Haiti]]> <![CDATA[Violence in classrooms is a problem in far-off Kyrgyzstan]]> <![CDATA[Double bombing kills at least 32 in Iraq]]> <![CDATA[For many, no aid is in sight in Haiti]]> <![CDATA[Land mines take a toll on Colombia's poor]]> Colombia may no longer lead the world in land mine victims, but the explosives placed by antigovernment rebels are still sowing tragedy, especially among the poor peasants and ex-combatants recruited to manually eradicate coca plants.]]> <![CDATA[Colombian peasants wooed with land to adopt family planning]]> Think of the 10 women who just had their fallopian tubes tied at a clinic in northern Colombia as foot soldiers in Erwin Goggel's lonely war on overpopulation and poverty. A film producer and heir to a dairy fortune, Goggel is offering nine-acre plots rent-free to poor men and women who agree to have vasectomies and tubal ligations. He pays for all the surgical procedures, including the 10 operations performed late last month in Monteria, the capital of Cordoba state, about 30 miles south of here.]]> <![CDATA[Haiti scavengers take big hit with quake]]> <![CDATA[Drone strike kills 16 in Pakistan's tribal areas]]> <![CDATA[Talks between North, South Korea collapse]]> <![CDATA[Bomb hits outside suspected Pakistani nuclear-weapons site]]> <![CDATA[In Cuba, bringing a message or help can lead to jail]]> <![CDATA[Glimmers of beauty in Haitian tent city]]> <![CDATA[Korea activists target foreign English teachers]]> <![CDATA[Rape flourishes in rubble of Haitian earthquake]]>