<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[The problem with Microsoft's new way to play video games]]> <![CDATA[Review: Apple's iMac still leads in desktop computing]]> Those of us sitting at desks all day can start drooling. Apple's new iMac is out and, CNET says, it's a beauty.]]> <![CDATA[FBI putting $1 billion into facial recognition]]> The FBI knows your face. Or if they don't, they'll go find it.]]> <![CDATA[GameFly to Publish iOS, Android Games; Launch Android App Store ]]> Video game rental service GameFly this week announced that it plans to begin publishing iOS and Android games in the upcoming months, and will launch its own Android app store.]]> <![CDATA[Facebook, Yahoo to test 'six degrees of separation']]> <![CDATA[At Apple-associated factory, iPhone production comes at a price]]> You've probably never heard of Foxconn by name, but it's likely you know it by reputation: Long, grueling hours under unsafe and unpleasant working conditions, worker suicides, workplace violence and explosions in factories.]]> <![CDATA[AT&T considers charging iPhone users for high data usage]]> <![CDATA[Amazon, Warner Bros. Licensing Deal Brings More TV Shows To Prime Instant Video]]> Amazon today announced that it has struck a licensing deal with Warner Bros. Domestic Television Distribution to bring more TV shows to its Prime Instant Video catalog. Among these new shows are The West Wing, Fringe, Dark Blue, Alcatraz and The Whole Truth. According to Amazon, both Fringe and The West Wing will be available exclusively on Prime Instant Video for the summer. In total, Amazon’s subscription video streaming service now feature about 18,000 movies and TV episodes. With Amazon Instant Video, the company also features about 120,000 titles that users can purchase or rent.]]> <![CDATA[UK seeks to further restrict access to 'terrorist videos']]> The BBC is reporting that fears of ministers in the U.K. are seeking to further block the ability to view videos posted to the internet depicting or encouraging violent extremism.]]> <![CDATA[Amazon Instant Video is now streaming to Xbox 360]]> Microsoft announced a new partnership that will allow Xbox 360 owners to access Amazon's massive selection of streaming video content from their gaming consoles.]]> <![CDATA[Did AntiSec really steal Apple IDs from FBI?]]> Last week, computer hacking collective AntiSec made the startling announcement that it had stolen the user IDs from 13 million Apple devices from an FBI laptop.]]> <![CDATA[BlackBerry maker slashes 2,000 jobs as revenue falters]]> <![CDATA[Oracle v. Google jury returns partial verdict, favoring Oracle]]> The jury in the Oracle v. Google trial rendered a partial verdict, favoring Oracle, in the copyright phase of the trial. Yet a question the jury failed to decide prompted Google to call for a mistrial, and could sharply limit damages even if the verdict stands.]]> <![CDATA[Major hotel chain investigating data breach]]> White Lodging, a management company for hotels in the Hilton, Marriott, Sheratin and Westin chains, may have had its credit card data stolen.]]> <![CDATA[South Carolina woman arrested for overdue VHS tape]]> After 9 years on the lam, the city's most nefarious villain is finally in custody. The charge? An overdue VHS rental of Monster in Law.]]> <![CDATA[Here is what memory looks like physically]]> Scientists have finally witnessed the movements of the molecules that form memories, a breakthough that may lead to better understanding of how memories are made. Exactly how did they do that? F]]> <![CDATA[Indian probe to Mars cost less than film, Gravity]]> A recently launched Indian probe to Mars was accomplished with costs of only $75 million.]]> <![CDATA[Military readies Iron Man suit for summer testing]]> Though the public consciousness likely thinks of futuristic cyborg battle armor as the sort of thing still relegated to sci-fi films, it's closer to reality than the average person might realize. ]]> <![CDATA[Curiousity Rover meets a roadblock]]> The Curiousity Rover has come up against a geographic block on the surface of Mars: a meter-high sand dune.]]> <![CDATA[Google gets license to test drive autonomous cars on Nevada roads]]> On Monday, the Nevada Department of Motor Vehicles approved Google’s license application to test autonomous vehicles on the state’s roads. The state had approved such laws back in February, and has now begun issuing licenses based on those regulations.]]>