<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft Announces Its Back-To-School Promotion: Buy A PC, Get A Free Xbox]]> Microsoft, just like Apple, usually runs a major back-to-school promotion every summer that is meant to give students (and their parents) some extra incentives to buy a new computer. The company’s just-announced back-to-school deal for the U.S. and Canada is pretty much the same as last year’s. A year ago, Microsoft gave students who bought a new PC and Xbox 360 and this year it’s doing exactly the same.]]> <![CDATA[T-Mobile to launch 10 LTE devices and iPhone-compatible 4G in 2013]]> T-Mobile will have 10 LTE devices available by the end of 2013, and it will also roll out “4G” service that is compatible with Apple’s iPhone. The carrier’s 4G LTE network ]]> <![CDATA[Facebook User Satisfaction Plummets, Google Shines, Says Survey]]> Facebook users are less satisfied with the social network than ever, while Google users are much happier, according to a new survey from the American Consumer Satisfaction Index (ASCI).]]> <![CDATA[Broadband reaches warp speed in British test]]> The BCC is reporting that the “fastest ever” broadband speeds have been achieve in a test in London. ]]> <![CDATA[Infamous DC-10 takes its final flight]]> The final commercial flight using the infamous DC-10 airplane is now in the history books.]]> <![CDATA[Google looks to make leap from PC to television]]> Google Inc. will make an ambitious bid to extend its reach into the living room when it debuts its Internet television software this week. Through a joint initiative with other prominent technology and consumer electronics companies, the Web search giant is expected to showcase technology that TV viewers can use to flip seamlessly among familiar shows, YouTube videos and home videos on their sets.]]> <![CDATA[Apple Manufacturer Foxconn Gives Workers Pay Raise]]> Reacting to intense criticism of its labor practices, Foxconn has decided to raise the pay of its junior level employees by 16-25%. According to Reuters, workers will now make 1,800 yuan (US$285) a month with a raise to 2,200 yuan (US$349) possible if an employee passes a technical examination.]]> <![CDATA[Why can't Apple and Adobe just get along?]]> <![CDATA[Yahoo IP lawsuit: We patented 'Facebook's entire social network model']]> By now you've heard that Yahoo has sued Facebook, alleging patent infringement. But just which pieces of intellectual property is Yahoo claiming Facebook ripped off?]]> <![CDATA[EU fines Microsoft over $700 million for antitrust violations]]> The European Union levied a $732 million fine against Microsoft for its failure to live by a 2009 antitrust commitment.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder among top 10 most inventive cities]]> Boulder is often cited as a highly educated, technology-savvy city. You can't take a walk down Pearl Street without seeing a freelance guitarist and a freelance web developer.]]> <![CDATA[FaceMash.com, the forerunner to Facebook, up for auction]]> <![CDATA[New Research Shows Cell Phones Aren't Very Dangerous]]> Over the last decade, cell phone use has grown exponentially. Today, it's estimated that about nine in 10 Americans own at least one cell phone (and most have smartphones). With increased use come questions concerning the safety of these mobile devices. Many have been concerned, or even panicked, over the possibility of cell phones increasing one's risk for brain cancer.]]> <![CDATA[Ford endorses ban on hand-held phone use while driving]]> <![CDATA[Drone used in Australian drug-smuggling attempt]]> A man has been arrested after an attempt to smuggle drugs into an Australian prison using a drone aircraft.]]> <![CDATA[Vending machines now dispense iPods, GPS gear]]> Press your face up to this vending machine, and savor the selections. With some items at $400, chances are you won't have the change in your pocket. But not to worry, credit cards are accepted. Vending machines aren't just for soda, chips and candy bars in the break room anymore. Now sophisticated models with touch screens and high-definition video offer instant gratification for more expensive treats — iPods and Garmin GPS systems, T-shirts, even pacifiers and baby formula.]]> <![CDATA[Judge orders Google, Motorola to hand over Android data to Apple]]> Apple will soon have far more information about Android and Google's Motorola Mobility acquisition than the search giant would like.]]> <![CDATA[Samsung Galaxy S III announced: available in Europe May 29th, North America in June]]> Capping months of rumors and speculation, Samsung has announced its Galaxy S III smartphone at an event in London today. Major specs include a 4.8-inch PenTile Super AMOLED display at 720p resolution, 8-megapixel primary and 1.9-megapixel front-facing cameras with 990ms start-up time, 3.3fps burst mode, and best-shot selection (similar to the HTC One series), 16 or 32GB of storage (a 64GB version is coming later) with microSD expansion, Bluetooth 4.0 support, GPS with GLONASS reception, high-throughput 40MHz 802.11n Wi-Fi, NFC, and a relatively large 2,100mAh battery.]]> <![CDATA[PlayStation boss Kazuo Hirai becomes president of Sony]]> Kazuo Hirai has been named as President and CEO of Sony Corporation. He will take the role on April 1, and replace Howard Stringer in both roles.]]> <![CDATA[Comcast announces Xfinity Streampix, a streaming video service that takes aim at Netflix]]> Comcast is taking a stab at the streaming video business with a service named Xfinity Streampix, which will launch on February 23rd. The service will be included for free with Blast! and Blast! Extra TV / internet plans as well as most triple-play packages (TV, phone, and internet), and will only be available to cable subscribers. If you don't have one of the higher-tier plans it will carry a $4.99 premium over your existing service.]]>