<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Tech Today]]> <![CDATA[Google spends another $200 million on YouTube channels as partners learn to reinvent TV]]> Google has already spent some $200 million on premium YouTube channels in order to attract premium content and advertisers, and today the Wall Street Journal reports that Google will invest another $200 million into the program. Channel partners have thus far had mixed success creating content for YouTube, but they're rapidly learning how to deliver effective premium content on the platform.]]> <![CDATA[Instagram for Android is now available]]> Instagram has been around since 2010, available only to iOS devices. Android users have been waiting patiently, with repeated promises of an Android version arriving soon.]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft's Metro branding to be replaced 'this week' according to internal memo]]> Microsoft is killing off the use of its Metro design name to describe a tiled interface in Windows Phone and Windows 8.]]> <![CDATA[Windows 8 Consumer Preview now available to download]]> The wait is finally over as Microsoft has published the highly anticipated Consumer Preview copy of Windows 8. Available as a public download, the Consumer Preview build includes access to Metro style applications and the over 100,000 changes Microsoft has made since the Windows 8 Developer Preview.]]> <![CDATA[New Web site is a one-stop job shop]]> <![CDATA[Microsoft Office 2010 beta ready to download]]> <![CDATA[Reviews: 5 best laptops on the market]]> I don't think I know anyone outside of my parents who owns a desktop computer.]]> <![CDATA[T-Mobile: iPhones and 4G LTE in, contracts out]]> T-Mobile has announced big changes to its business model, attempting to stake out new territory in the constant battle over mobile phones.]]> <![CDATA[Samsung prices Android 4.0 Galaxy Tab 2 tablets aggressively]]> Both the Samsung Galaxy Tab 2 7.0 and 10.1 will be available in the US within the next few weeks, Samsung announced Thursday. The dual-core tablets running Android 4.0 Ice Cream Sandwich will arrive separately: April 22 for the 7-inch version and May 13 for the 10.1-inch version.]]> <![CDATA[Google bids $900 million for Nortel patents]]> <![CDATA[Japan plans snail-paced space elevator for 2050]]> Japanese construction company Obayashi wants to build an elevator to space and transport passengers to a station about a tenth the distance to the moon.]]> <![CDATA[Dropped by Dish, AMC Reaches Deal With AT&T]]> Just in time for the premiere of Breaking Bad's final season, AMC Network and AT&T announced a new deal that will keep the network on AT&T's lineup.]]> <![CDATA[Samsung Galaxy S3 sales to reach 10 million during July]]> Samsung's Galaxy S3 is expected to be a sales juggernaut, according to a new report. Speaking to Reuters in an interview published yesterday, Samsung telecommunications chief JK Shin said that he expects Galaxy S3 sales to reach 10 million units during July. Samsung typically calls devices it shipped "sales," since the products have been sold into the retail channel, so it's not immediately clear if Shin's Galaxy S3 figure is actual sales to consumers or simply units shipped.]]> <![CDATA[Looking ahead to CES 2013]]> One of the world's largest tech expos is coming to Las Vegas Jan. 8-11, and while surprises are expected, we can still get a sense of many of the upcoming exhibitions.]]> <![CDATA[Amazon Said to Plan Smartphone to Vie With Apple IPhone]]> Amazon.com Inc. (AMZN) is developing a smartphone that would vie with Apple Inc. (AAPL)’s iPhone and handheld devices that run Google Inc. (GOOG)’s Android operating system, two people with knowledge of the matter said.]]> <![CDATA[Video-game sales plummet in February]]> Video game sales in the U.S. plunged 15 percent in February as skittish consumers continued to ratchet back their spending. The bleak sales report, from the NPD Group, marks the 10th declining month of the past 12 months. Sales of software fell 15 percent in February from a year earlier to $624 million.]]> <![CDATA[Domain Registrar Confirms New Pirate Bay Investigation]]> Suspicions that the police have started a new criminal investigation into The Pirate Bay were confirmed by the Swedish hosting company Binero today. Police have requested the company to reveal the personal details of the customer who registered The Pirate Bay domain name. Sources say that the new investigation is a renewed attempt to shut the popular BitTorrent site down.]]> <![CDATA[AT&T to enact metered billing of wireless data]]> <![CDATA[AT&T Will Unlock Your Off-Contract iPhone Starting On April 8]]> Ask (enough times) and ye shall receive. AT&T has kept the iPhone under lock and key since day one, but we’re hearing that a pretty dramatic policy shift will go into effect starting this Sunday. Once April 8 rolls around AT&T will unlock your iPhone should you so choose, at which point it’ll play nicely with a microSIM from any GSM carrier.]]> <![CDATA[Lockheed Martin Develops a 'Space Fence' to Track Orbiting Space Trash]]> There's a lot of space debris caught within the Earth's orbit. This includes everything from dead satellites to rocket parts, and when two pieces of debris collide, it can break up into even more, even smaller pieces of space trash.]]>