<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Entertainment Today]]> <![CDATA[BREAKING: Rolling Stones critic Peter Travers names movies he doesn't like]]> Take a glance at any mediocre movie's poster and you're likely to see a Peter Travers quote.]]> <![CDATA[Bratz Dolls Manufacturer Sues Lady Gaga for $10 Million]]> MGA Entertainment, the manufacturer of the popular Bratz line of dolls, has filed a lawsuit against Lady Gaga and her management firm over a breach of contract, reports Bloomberg. MGA alleges Gaga, her management company Atom Factory and the Universal Music Group-owned merchandising firm Bravado International Group delayed the approval of a Gaga doll line, and the company is seeking over $10 million in damages.]]> <![CDATA[Netflix nabs 'Mad Men' rerun rights]]> <![CDATA[Leonardo DiCaprio Too Busy, Embarrassed to Attend Titanic 3D Premiere]]> Browsing through the photo record of Tuesday's Titanic 3D premiere in London, one notices immediately the absence of Leonardo DiCaprio. What gives? I mean, if Billy Zane can make time, then lord knows Leo should be able to drop in for at least a few snapshots with James Cameron and co-star Kate Winslet. At the very least, he'd better have a good excuse — which, according to Cameron, he did.]]> <![CDATA[Jay-Z joins Pearl Jam for close of Made in America fest]]> Rapper Jay-Z hosted the Budweiser Made in America Festival in Philadelphia, but not surprisingly, he didn't stay on the sidelines.]]> <![CDATA[Almost two years after his death, Bernie Mac is still missed]]> In his bathroom, Bernie Mac lit a firecracker, spread ketchup on himself and pretended that he had been shot — much to the horror of his wife. In a friend's bathroom, he placed fake dung on the ground, leading Super Bowl partygoers to believe someone had missed their porcelain mark.]]> <![CDATA[Remaining Beatles to reunite at Grammys]]> There aren't many Beatles left, but Paul McCartney and Ringo Starr, the two that are still standing, will reunite for a musical performance at this year's Grammy awards on February 9, exactly 50 yea]]> <![CDATA[MTV gives California school 'Breakfast Club' treatment]]> <![CDATA[Roundup: Roger Ebert's submissions to the 'New Yorker' caption contest]]> Like a fine wine, or a not-very-fine wine, or a Roger Corman film, film critic Roger Ebert just gets better with age.]]> <![CDATA[Anderson Cooper: 'The Fact Is, I'm Gay.']]> Last week, Entertainment Weekly ran a story on an emerging trend: gay people in public life who come out in a much more restrained and matter-of-fact way than in the past. In many ways, it's a great development: we're evolved enough not to be gob-smacked when we find out someone's gay. But it does matter nonetheless, it seems to me, that this is on the record. We still have pastors calling for the death of gay people, bullying incidents and suicides among gay kids, and one major political party dedicated to ending the basic civil right to marry the person you love. So these "non-events" are still also events of a kind; and they matter. The visibility of gay people is one of the core means for our equality.]]> <![CDATA[GLAAD gives MTV, the CW high marks for character diversity]]> <![CDATA[Britney Spears, Demi Lovato Confirmed as Judges on 'The X Factor']]> Britney Spears and Demi Lovato have officially joined The X Factor. Fox announced the news at their live upfront event for advertisers on May 14th, finally confirming the long-stirring rumors.]]> <![CDATA[Simon Cowell says Howard Stern will shake up ‘America’s Got Talent’]]> Howard Stern is going to have some more company on the “America’s Got Talent” judging table. The shock jock’s hiring announced last week is just part of a total makeover for the NBC summer hit, including a yet-to-be picked fourth judge, according to creator and executive producer Simon Cowell.]]> <![CDATA[Fox is going after ‘SNL’ with new block of cartoons]]> Fox Broadcasting Co. is betting on cartoons to challenge NBC’s “Saturday Night Live.” The network, which already relies on animation shows such as “The Simpsons” and “Family Guy” to fill its Sunday night prime-time lineup, is upping its investment in the genre with a new late-night Saturday block of cartoons that will compete with “Saturday Night Live,” the reigning champ of weekend late-night TV.]]> <![CDATA['Conan': Premiered on TBS]]> <![CDATA[The united states of Diablo Cody]]> Screenwriter Diablo Cody doesn't harbor different personalities like her character in Showtime's "United States of Tara," but she hosts a slew of different lives. She was a college graduate working in an entry-level job for an ad agency in Chicago when she suddenly picked up and followed a boyfriend to Minneapolis. That wasn't all. "I still can't explain it — that was when I quit my job and started stripping," she says in an anteroom of a hotel here.]]> <![CDATA[Rapper Heavy D died from lung blood clot, autopsy report shows]]> <![CDATA[Lingerie Football League: We fired some current NFL refs]]> The Lingerie Football League — which you might say is a few tiers below the NFL, talent- and respect-wise — has announced that it fired several refs who are currently working in the NFL.]]> <![CDATA[Officials hope Lindsay Lohan won't get Paris Hilton treatment in jail]]> Many in Los Angeles law enforcement are hoping Lindsay Lohan is not the new Paris Hilton. Lohan is due to surrender Tuesday to a Beverly Hills judge to begin her 90-day sentence in a nearby Lynwood jail, but it remains unclear exactly how much time she will spend behind bars.]]> <![CDATA[So not 'Raven': Former Disney star goes for more grown-up laughs]]> Raven-Symone, the adorable moppet of "The Cosby Show" who years later became a squeaky-clean fixture on the Disney Channel, is so not that Raven anymore.]]>