<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Boulderganic]]> <![CDATA[Report criticizes EPA oversight of injection wells]]> The report, released Monday, July 28, by the U.S. Government Accountability Office, is critical of the Environmental Protection Agency’s inconsistent handling of safety inspections, poor record keeping and failure to adjust its guidelines to adapt to...]]> <![CDATA[Hickenlooper's new oil and gas regulations: Real substance or fracking greenwash?]]> The new regulations may turn out to be little more than the latest ploy by the industry to fulfill its goal of rapidly drilling up Colorado’s remaining gas reserves before the lucrative natural gas export market dries up.]]> <![CDATA[Fire rebuilders keep eye on green goals]]> <![CDATA[Feed your local economy, your tummy, your yard ]]> As an alternative to the regular U.S. dollar, the Gaian creates a closed micro-economy of local businesses. Consumers participate by buying Gaian coins and using them at participating retailers. Business owners participate by accepting Gaians %uFFFD at a discount for customers %uFFFD and exchanging them with other businesses in the network.]]> <![CDATA[Boulder County Girl Scouts greening the globe]]> As a Junior Girl Scout, my troop's walk to a manicured suburban park was called a 'hike.' We were taught how to bake cookies from packaged mixes and what to do for someone who'd fainted. And, of course, we sold those famous boxes of cookies mass-produced elsewhere.]]> <![CDATA[Betting on conservation]]> Twenty years of wishful thinking by lottery ticket buyers all over the state has made all the rest of us winners when it comes to living in Colorado. For the last two decades, revenue from the Colorado Lottery has been used to build parks and trails, create open space and protect wildlife habitat.]]> <![CDATA[For your carbon footprint, it’s location, location, lifestyle]]> New research shows that the carbon footprint of urban dwellers is around a quarter that of those that live in the suburbs. But, there´s once catch.]]> <![CDATA[A river running]]> Boulder Creek dried up, and the bridge on Broadway spanned nothing but an empty stretch of sand, and it stayed that way for decades, eventually people would forget what it had meant to see a stream running there.]]> <![CDATA[The full reach of addiction]]> Humankind’s relationship with psychoactive substances can be traced back thousands of years to religious trances induced by specific plants and fungai. But some substances are more addictive than others, and opium, caffeine and nicotine have become commonplace, in some senses socially acceptable, vices.]]> <![CDATA[Critics: EPA used out-of-date research to defend its chemical testing of low-dose hormone effects]]> The U.S. Environmental Protection Agency has concluded that current testing of hormone-altering chemicals is adequate for detecting low-dose effects that may jeopardize health. It comes in response to a report written last year by 12 scientists who criticized the government’s decades-old strategy for testing the safety of many chemicals found in the environment and in consumer products.]]> <![CDATA[Governor’s Water Plan could ignite water war]]> In May of last year, Governor John Hickenlooper issued an executive order to create the Colorado Water Plan. As a part of the process established by the governor’s order, nine regional roundtables were empowered to create water plans for the river basins in their particular areas.]]> <![CDATA[Wind turbines may lure bats into fatal errors]]> Scientists might just be about to answer one of the great puzzles of biodiversity and renewable energy: why one of nature’s most agile flyers, a creature with the most sophisticated ultrasonic tracking system, should be so fatally attracted to wind turbines.]]> <![CDATA[Amalgam-nation]]> In a video called “Smoking Teeth” on the International Academy of Oral Medicine and Toxicology’s website, a man takes an extracted tooth and rubs its 25-year-old amalgam filling with a pencil eraser. A phosphorescent screen in the background illuminates mercury offgassing — more than 1,000 times higher than what the Environmental Protection Agency allows for our air.]]> <![CDATA[Mobile methane detection]]> An array of equipment and an independent power source have converted a research scientist´s sturdy pickup truck into a mobile methane emissions detection unit.]]> <![CDATA[Co-existing with wildlife]]> <![CDATA[Making money, making change]]> From King Richard in Robin Hood taxing his citizens to the point of starvation to Scrooge nickel and diming his employees out of a family Christmas, classic cartoons and fairy tales present a pretty grim picture of people who like money. But The [i4c] Campaign, and the Denver venture capital firm Galvanize that funds it, are trying to change that image.]]> <![CDATA[Grant helps communities kick-start zero-waste efforts]]> Thanks to a zero-waste grant from the Department of Agriculture, residents of Allenspark, Lyons, Jamestown, Gold Hill, Nederland, Eldorado Springs, Eldora and Ward will benefit from technical assistance, education and outreach provided by a new part-time hire.]]> <![CDATA[Fishing for sustainable seafood]]> Step away from the shrimp cocktail and the smoked salmon spread. Even fisheries that sell products stamped with the seal of approval from the Marine Stewardship Council, an international nonprofit that promotes solutions to overfishing and certifies fisheries and seafood products as sustainable or environmentally friendly, have been the source of some oceanic nightmares. ]]> <![CDATA[Food out of water]]> Mickey Mouse has never been known for his green thumb, but a ride dedicated to aquaponics at Disney’s Epcot Center (surely a death-defying thrill) highlights the public curiosity for this growing trend.]]> <![CDATA[Bike-sharing program launches in Boulder]]>