<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Student Guide]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Things to do without ever leaving campus]]> Speaking of Program Council, this student-run group is responsible for a ton of great (and almost always free) entertainment, from big names like the Dave Matthews Band to an impressive free film series that includes everything from cult classics to the latest blockbusters.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: For studying, there's no place like Norlin]]> Students seem to approach studying in different ways, even though they all have the same goal of making the grade and passing the class. Some students prefer to study in isolation, with no one to distract them.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Boulder's scene: Local insight for new students]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Coburn takes the reins]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Be careful what you sign]]> So, you%uFFFDve paid your dues in the dorms and are ready to move away from the tyranny of RAs and floor monitors and into your first place. There%uFFFDs a big, enticing world of rental properties out there, and Craigslist has literally hundreds of apartments posted each day for your perusal.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Welcome to CU]]> Welcome to the first day of your future. If you%uFFFDre a freshman, the next four years (give or take a semester) promise to be some of the most exciting, challenging and life-changing you%uFFFDll ever experience. Chances are, when you leave CU you won%uFFFDt be the same person you were when you got here.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Join the club and be a winner]]> The program gives CU students the opportunity to participate in anything from rugby to freestyle skiing to water polo against other college teams from around the state, the region and the country. These student-athletes often get the chance to play for national club championships in their sport.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Some tips for keeping safe on campus]]> While losing all your class notes or vacation pictures because someone jacked your laptop is bad enough, CU also sees its share of more serious crimes. In 2009, there were nine cases of forcible rape on or near campus and five aggravated assaults, according to the federally required Clery Report on campus crime statistics.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Enroll in Local Brewing 101]]> The Avery Brewing Company is kind of in hiding. The taproom is barely marked from the street, and if you call for directions, they boil down to taking a service road west of a car wash. But if you find it, you%uFFFDll have landed in one of those precious havens for invested beer drinkers %uFFFD the kind who take a sample in pint glasses.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Put some culture in your cuisine]]> Boulder%uFFFDs a touch lacking in latenight dining options, although Cosmos%uFFFD Pizza on 30th Street is open %uFFFDtil the wee hours and is an easy walk from the Williams Village dorms. With pizza available by the pie or the slice, Cosmos%uFFFD serves up hearty New York-style pizza with hefty crust and generous doses of cheese, pepperoni and other popular toppings.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Pigskin preview: Hawk emphasizing the details]]> %uFFFDI think having a roster this year of a lot of guys that have played, a lot of guys that have competed, and having guys that can step up and play and know that you have to practice well every day, you%uFFFDve got to study film every day, you%uFFFDve got to be at your best every day, that leads to better Saturdays,%uFFFD Hawkins says.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Hoop dreams]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: One-on-one with Richard Rokos, CU's ski coach]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Students: Starving no more]]> And yet, it%uFFFDs all too easy to get stuck in the cycle of student-oriented eateries like Jimmy John%uFFFDs and Qdoba. In foodcentric Boulder, there is no reason to follow such monotony. This guide offers a sampling of some of Boulder%uFFFDs best deals for the quality-seeking diner.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Five cool gadgets for college students]]> With the fall semester upon us, we%uFFFDre sure most students have the necessary technological devices like an iPod, a smartphone and a laptop. But there are a number of other gadgets that could make any college student%uFFFDs life that much easier. We compiled a list of five gadgets college kids ought to be looking for.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: What's in a name?]]> It was formerly known as the University of Colorado Student Union, a name that student leaders say was too confusing. According to Anthony DeLaRosa, CUSG chief of staff, some students thought it was a building, while others thought it was some kind of labor union.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Meet CU's alcohol and drug policies]]> Welcome to campus. For you freshmen in the audience, you now have more than 20,000 new neighbors, and you%uFFFDll be spending the next nine months (at least) in each others%uFFFD back pockets.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Minor fun]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: Pay heed when doing the deed]]> They also offer the human papillomavirus (HPV) vaccine at low or reduced costs to students. This vaccine protects women from the four most common strains of the infection, which, in some cases, can cause genital warts and cervical cancer.]]> <![CDATA[Student Guide 2010: You're in college, it's time to get politically active]]>