<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Environment Today]]> <![CDATA[Electricity Generated from Chicken Waste Encourages Factory Farming and Pollutes Air]]> The poultry industry, just one small part of our factory farm nation, has a massive waste problem. Today, national consumer group Food & Water Watch criticized the plans of poultry processing giant Perdue Agribusiness and Fibrowatt LLC to build a power plant on Maryland’s Eastern Shore that generates electricity from chicken manure.]]> <![CDATA[Rooftop revolution: How to get solar onto 100 million U.S. homes]]> Get a load of this: Nearly 100 million Americans could install over 60,000 megawatts of solar at less than grid prices – without subsidies – by 2021.]]> <![CDATA[Environmental fashion: Check out the shirt that you only wash three times a year]]> First of all, since we're in Boulder: No, not every shirt is a shirt you wash only three times a year.]]> <![CDATA[Medical Records Could Yield Answers On Fracking]]> A proposed study of people in northern Pennsylvania could help resolve a national debate about whether the natural gas boom is making people sick.]]> <![CDATA[2012 heat wave records not likely to last through 2013]]> Almost every month in the spring and summer of 2012 has set records for heat.]]> <![CDATA[Fracking disposal well causes over 100 earthquakes in Ohio]]> Youngstown, Ohio had its first earthquake in 2011. It had its 100th earthquake in 2011, too.]]> <![CDATA[The great carbon bubble: Why the fossil-fuel industry fights so hard ]]> If we could see the world with a particularly illuminating set of spectacles, one of its most prominent features at the moment would be a giant carbon bubble, whose bursting someday will make the housing bubble of 2007 look like a lark. As yet — as we shall see — it’s unfortunately largely invisible to us.]]> <![CDATA[Bag fee reduces paper and plastic bag use by 68 percent]]> It started costing $.10 each at the grocery line six months ago when a new city initiative began requiring grocery stores to charge a fee per disposable bag. Here's the results. ]]> <![CDATA[Russian Scientists Breach Antarctica's Lake Vostok]]> Russian scientists have confirmed that they have penetrated Antarctica's Lake Vostok, an event that may "expand the limits of life on Earth," a U.S. scientist says.]]> <![CDATA[People power: Crowdfunding fires up local solar projects ]]> Here’s a not-terribly-novel idea: Get a bunch of people together, pool your money, and invest it in a project or a business that will make enough money to pay you back — hopefully with interest. Banks do it, right? And it seems like a decent way to fund promising green technology like solar power.]]> <![CDATA[Floods likely to worsen in next century]]> New research published in the journal, Nature,  investigates the risks of flooding in the coming decades and the outlook is grim.]]> <![CDATA[New York mayor Bloomberg endorses Obama on green grounds]]> Like the racist grandfather who finally changes his mind when a relative marries a minority, some of us don't understand an issue until it's plopped right at our doorstep.]]> <![CDATA[Groups Call on European Countries to Cut Marine Litter by Half]]> Non-governmental organizations (NGO) leading the fight against marine litter and plastic pollution in Europe are calling on European countries to set a 50 percent reduction target ahead of the July deadline this year when states are required to finalize their marine environmental targets for 2020.]]> <![CDATA[Sea Levels Rising Fast on U.S. East Coast]]> Sea level rise on the U.S. East Coast has accelerated much faster than in other parts of the world—roughly three to four times the global average, a new study says.]]> <![CDATA[Major papers reduce coverage of environmental issues]]> Despite the alarming number of severe weather events that are tied to climate change — and despite the constantly increasing emissions of greenhouse gases — and despite the approaching climate issues as China and other developing nations continue to rely on fossil fuels — the New York Times and Washington Post have both decided to reduce their coverage of environmental issues.]]> <![CDATA[Wind Farms Warming Texas ]]> New research finds that wind farms actually warm up the surface of the land underneath them during the night, a phenomena that could put a damper on efforts to expand wind energy as a green energy solution.]]> <![CDATA[Coal Ash, Keystone XL Dropped from Transportation Bill]]> In the eleventh hour during negotiations on the transportation bill on June 27, language requiring approval of the Keystone XL pipeline and barring the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) regulation of coal ash waste was dropped.]]> <![CDATA[Foreign countries stop buying US wheat, fearing GMOs]]> A rogue, illegal strain of genetically modified wheat was found in Oregon May 30. And its impact is already being felt on U.S. exports.]]> <![CDATA[Are pro-fracking online comments coming from paid shills?]]> Here at Boulder Weekly, we welcome robust discussion of our stories. We hope that whenever we tackle an issue in an article, those with opinions from all sides of the political spectrum can]]> <![CDATA[Home on the range: Can grass-based ranching be scaled up sustainably? ]]> You’ve probably never heard of Frank Stornach. Sure, he’s a Canadian billionaire — yes, they have them there! — and an auto-parts cum horseracing magnate. But rather than hanging up his wrench spurs retiring, he’s decided to try his hand at turning grass-fed beef back into a mass-market product.]]>