<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Environment Today]]> <![CDATA[National, Community, Labor and Food Leaders Speak Out against Walmart]]> On the steps of New York City Hall on Feb. 23, national, community, food, urban and labor group leaders hosted a press conference to address Walmart’s negative impact on the food system. Food & Water Watch Executive Director Wenonah Hauter and Stuart Appelbaum, president of the Retail, Wholesale, and Department Store Union (RWDSU), spoke at the event, which also marked the release of the new Food & Water Watch report, “Why Walmart Can’t Fix the Food System,” an analysis of the rift between Walmart’s marketing claims and the true impact the company has on the food system.]]> <![CDATA[The lighter side of environmental news: A really cute baby manatee]]> Unfortunately, you'll have to follow the jump to see photos of the lil guy but we'll give you his story here.]]> <![CDATA[See time-lapse animated GIFs of environmental changes over 28 years]]> Using annual photos from space, Google has compiled animated images that provide an overhead look at some major environmental changes over 28 years.]]> <![CDATA[Federal Government To Pay Indian Tribes $1 Billion Over Mismanagement]]> The U.S. government will pay more than $1 billion to settle lawsuits filed by 41 American Indian tribes, who had accused federal agencies of mismanaging tribal money and resources.]]> <![CDATA[The end of fall foliage: Why leaves' colors are fading]]> The much-beloved colors of fall — the golds, reds, oranges and even browns of leaves in autumn — might not last forever.]]> <![CDATA[Is GMO, Roundup study too tough on Monsanto?]]> Look, none of us like Monsanto. As Boulder Weekly Editor Joel Dyer discovered recently, their whole business model is as poisonous as a bottle of Roundup.]]> <![CDATA[U.S. power plant emissions down]]> A new study shows that natural gas power plants that use a new technology to extract more energy from the fuel release significantly less carbon dioxide than coal-fired plants do.]]> <![CDATA[EU announces energy and climate goals]]> The BBC is reporting that The European Commission has announced an outline of its energy and climate policy goals until 2030. "The Commissioners want a bindi]]> <![CDATA[Floods likely to worsen in next century]]> New research published in the journal, Nature,  investigates the risks of flooding in the coming decades and the outlook is grim.]]> <![CDATA[Can a Denim Kilt Fight Climate Change?]]> Clothing made from organic cotton or other eco-friendly materials may lessen an outfit's environmental impact. But what about garments that benefit the air by sucking up pollutants? A futuristic collaboration between a nanotechnologist and fashion designer is raising the bar for environmentally friendly fashion with concept line Catalytic Clothing.]]> <![CDATA[Monsanto’s Endless Pipeline of Bad Ideas]]> As if the disaster of RoundUp resistant superweeds sweeping our farmland weren’t enough, Monsanto is now preparing to launch an even greater disaster—a new soybean engineered to be resistant to the older, more toxic weedkiller, dicamba. The seed—which Monsanto plans to market in 2014 if approved—will also come stacked with the company’s RoundUp Ready gene, and is designed to be used with Monsanto’s proprietary herbicide “premix” of dicamba and glyphosate.]]> <![CDATA[The Next Generation of Renewable Energy May Be Created Under Water]]> When reporters, politicians, and environmental advocates talk about renewable energy, they talk about wind and solar. This makes sense: Of the newer generation of renewables, wind is contributing the lion's share of electricity generation. California’s wind energy association just announced that 5 percent of California’s power now comes from wind farms. Solar plants still provide only a tiny slice of energy, but last year, with prices dropping, the industry was booming.]]> <![CDATA[Senate Agriculture Committee Approves Farm Bill]]> The Senate Agriculture Committee voted a new farm bill out of committee on April 26 by a vote of 16-5. The committee bill saves $23 billion over the next ten years according to budget estimates.]]> <![CDATA[Organic Milk—Are You Getting What You Pay For?]]> On the heels of a previous report highlighting the lack of enforcement and oversight in our food system, the U.S. Office of Inspector General’s (OIG) new report on whether milk marketed as organic actually meets the National Organic Program’s (NOP) standards is a real wake-up call to the organic community.]]> <![CDATA[British millionaire pushes for 'new ways' to spread environmental message]]> British entrepreneur Dale Vince is more than just an eccentric millionaire — he’s a millionaire with a mission.]]> <![CDATA[Colorado grandparents deliver anti-fracking letter]]> A day after National Grandparent's Day, grandparents from around Colorado will deliver a letter to Gov. John Hickenlooper and other governors protesting against the oil and gas drilling process known as fracking.]]> <![CDATA[Investigation: Two Years After the BP Spill, A Hidden Health Crisis Festers ]]> On March 3 Nicole Maurer learned of the proposed settlement between BP and hundreds of thousands of Gulf Coast businesses and residents harmed by its 2010 oil spill, the largest in US history.]]> <![CDATA[Investigation Finds Toxic Pesticides in Lipton Tea]]> A Greenpeace investigation has found that Lipton, the world’s best-selling tea brand, sold tea bags to Chinese consumers that violated Chinese laws and failed European Union (EU) safety standards.]]> <![CDATA[Solar panels' quality questioned]]> "Corners are being cut," an executive in the solar energy industry says, and it could be a black mark for the burgeoning industry.]]> <![CDATA[New study shows apex predators in decline]]> The BBC is reporting that large, apex predators have been found to be in decline in a new study published in Science. From the article... "When they looked at 31 big meat eaters, they]]>