<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Music]]> <![CDATA[Making waves]]> In recognition of the concert date, the orchestra will play music that was inspired by heroes: Aaron Copland%uFFFDs %uFFFDFanfare for the Common Man,%uFFFD written to honor the unsung heroes of World War II; his %uFFFDLincoln Portrait,%uFFFD narrated by Boulder story-teller Bill Mooney; and Beethoven%uFFFDs %uFFFDSymphony No.]]> <![CDATA[Success comes in waves]]> %uFFFDWhen I found out I was a regional finalist, I had one day to make a music video. All these people helped out: There were climbing videographers who were psyched about the shoot, and I got people to cover my shift at work,%uFFFD she says with a laugh. %uFFFDEverything just came together; it was crazy how it worked out so perfectly.]]> <![CDATA[Indie madness meets sincere cuteness]]> Deerhoof concerts have always been uniquely fun, but lately more of a festive connection between band and audience has been on the quartet’s mind, according to singer/bassist Satomi Matsuzaki, who lived in her native Japan until the mid-’90s.]]> <![CDATA[Adrian Belew’s killer app]]> After amicably stepping away from Trent Reznor’s reformed Nine Inch Nails project in June 2013 and being politely excluded from Robert Fripp’s reformed King Crimson later that year, esteemed guitarist and sonic disrupter Adrian Belew now finds himself currently on tour with his long-tenured Power Trio, and poised to unleash his experimental project called Flux, a music and visual art app that he’s been working on for five years.]]> <![CDATA[Crooning classics]]> %uFFFDWhat I was trying to do was play songs that have been a part of my musical life, so none of these songs were songs that I learned for this record,%uFFFD he says. %uFFFDThey were songs that I%uFFFDve known for years. The simple fact was, it%uFFFDs been two years since my last record, and I was eager to record %uFFFDNatural Forces%uFFFD and %uFFFDPantry%uFFFD and %uFFFDFarmer Brown.]]> <![CDATA[CD REVIEW: Flogging Molly's 'Speed of Darkness']]> When it comes to Celtic-infused rock ’n’ roll in America today, fans predominantly fall into two camps. Those who prefer their fiddles and bagpipes accompanying a harder-edged, punk-flavored sound gravitate toward Dropkick Murphys. Those who, instead, seek the sounds of Scotland and the Emerald Isle blended with more “mature,” less aggressive arrangements usually dial up Flogging Molly.]]> <![CDATA[American grasslands, the sea and two piano concertos]]> If you only skimmed the publicity, you might think that Dinnerstein, whose career has been built with performances and recordings of Bach, was an unlikely soloist for Gershwin.]]> <![CDATA[Top 10 albums of the decade]]> Creating a year-end “Best Albums” list is theoretically impossible unless your dependable scribe has scoured the Earth to not only find but competently listen to every album released over the past 12 months, and it has been reported that 105,000 albums were released last year in the United States alone. Even then, to pen and publish a “Best Albums of the Year” list, it seems a writer must believe that he or she possesses taste so good and true that it denotes the capability to tell the world which excellent sounds they should effectively desire.]]> <![CDATA[Second time the charm for Colorado Music Festival?]]> After a failed first attempt, the CMF announced that it has hired a new executive director. Andrew Bradford, currently the executive director of the Illinois Philharmonic Orchestra in Park Forest, Ill., will take the reins at CMF on Aug. 11.]]> <![CDATA[Success breeds new wheels]]> Laura Stevenson knew from an early age that she loved music — enough, in fact, to believe it probably would always be a big part of her life.]]> <![CDATA[Blues to make you dance]]> Around the same time Robert Johnson was emerging from the crossroads with his newfound guitar-picking skills, wailing about how all his love was in vain, blues music was going through a transformation of its own.]]> <![CDATA[Filling the gap between Medeski, Martin and Wood]]> Bassist Chris Wood was taking some midday chill time in Athens, Ga., when we caught up to him last weekend, cooling his heels before his gig that night with The Wood Brothers band, his six-year project with his brother, guitarist and singer Oliver.]]> <![CDATA[SLIDESHOW: Infamous Stringdusters at the Fox Theatre]]> Photographer Jeremy Williams was at the Infamous Stringdusters concert last night. Check it out.  ]]> <![CDATA['Best of' lists are for insecure losers]]> Boulder Weekly’s attitude toward our annual “Best Albums of the Year” column has been pretty similar, considering the opening paragraph the first three years was pretty much devoted to debunking the idea that any art can be rated. Thus, this year we’re going with a “Great Albums” theme instead. And honestly, putting the 2011 edition of this column together was more fun than previous years because of readers’ participation.]]> <![CDATA[Swamp thing]]> Dustin Arbuckle’s year is still young, but if the guy at the recent New Brunswick, N.J., gig is any indicator, he may want to plan for longer set lists.]]> <![CDATA[A glimpse at a Cuban musical legacy]]> A regal-looking woman wearing a flowing, multicolored dress strolls down a narrow street in Havana, Cuba, casually gesturing with her hands as a tune escapes her lips. She's singing to nobody and everybody at the same time. As if on cue, a passerby recognizes the tune and adds her voice to the chorus.]]> <![CDATA[No more New Year's Eve shows for Yonder Mountain String Band]]> For fans of Colorado-based oddball bluegrass pop act Yonder Mountain String Band, there is good news and bad news. The bad news is that the upcoming three-date stand in Boulder and Denver will include the last foreseeable edition of the band’s traditional New Year’s Eve show in Colorado. The good news? They'll be special.]]> <![CDATA[Rose Hill Drive wears White Stripes on sleeves]]> The White Stripes rose above the scrap heap of early 2000s garage bands to become the biggest rock ’n’ roll band of the aughts for two main reasons. First, Jack and Meg White’s take on the delta blues is dirtier, heavier and more emotionally raw than any band since Led Zeppelin. Second, the duo effortlessly mixes their bombastic blues-rock swagger with achingly sweet, unselfconsciously twee little folk ditties that provide balance and depth to albums that would otherwise run the risk of sounding hollow amidst all of Jack White’s tongue-in-cheek guitar god posturing. When Boulder’s Rose Hill Drive announced they were performing the Stripes’ Elephant front to back for two New Year’s shows at the Fox Theater, there was little doubt that the band would crush murky rockers like “Black Math” and “Girl, You Have No Faith in Medicine.”]]> <![CDATA[From the schoolyard to the stage]]> Yes, that means that jazzy blues/rock you've enjoyed for years at bars and events around Boulder and Denver was actually a bunch of teenagers. Three, in fact. Jeff Jani and Hunter Roberts grew up a block apart and met Tony Pacello through a radio contest to put together a youth band.]]> <![CDATA[Looking up]]> After four-and-a-half years, Springdale Quartet is ready to move on to bigger and better things. As bassist Jordan Roos explains, that means everything from the venues they play to the music they make.]]>