<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Music]]> <![CDATA[That Bear Creek sound]]> The faint whiff of cruel irony wasn’t lost on Elephant Revival’s bassist Dango Rose; merely 10 days after the band members released their new CD These Changing Skies, the skies above their own home turf turned hellish and hammered their neighborhood with the kind of flood people will be talking about for a century.]]> <![CDATA[Social Distortion’s latest will anger mal-adjusted fogies, please well-adjusted ones and everyone else]]> Social Distortion’s latest, Hard Times and Nursery Rhymes, is a maturity test of sorts. After all, Social D has been playing its unique brand of hard luck punk rock since the early 1980s. Give any band — let alone a punk band — 30 years, and they’re either going to experience some sonic evolution or they’re going to become, at best, one-note redundancies or, at worst, idiotic self-parodies.]]> <![CDATA[The subdudes close the cycle]]> Summoning imagery from real American mythology, especially the mythology of the Old West, is the kind of legerdemain usually out of reach for most popular music franchises. And it should probably stay that way. Still, put it in the hands of someone like the subdudes and let it fly with the kind of ragged elegance that has kept the band such a compelling enigma for two decades, and maybe the dog’ll hunt.]]> <![CDATA[True patriots ask questions]]> When Martin Sexton sings these days, he’s trying to make a difference, bringing attention to pervasive social and political issues while bringing a diverse audience together.]]> <![CDATA[Flowers in bloom]]> After six years of almost non-stop concert tours, with more than 15 million CDs sold, Las Vegas band The Killers decided they needed a break. Their hiatus, except for an upcoming Christmas single, has provided the opportunity for their charismatic lead singer, Brandon Flowers,.]]> <![CDATA[Pilgrims of the stage]]> For me, folk music is a drug, a truth serum of sorts. It has the ability to make me see my life for not only what it is but also what it could and should be. I suspect I’m not alone.]]> <![CDATA[Pro Musica Colorado offers four seasons]]> Conductor Cynthia Katsarelis explains that the composer left it up to the listener to decide: “The concerto was commissioned by violinist Robert McDuffie,” she says. “But when McDuffie and Glass got together, they didn’t agree on which parts went with which season.]]> <![CDATA[Hike]]> When in nature, if you listen very closely, you can hear the sounds of music arise from the picturesque view. The Boulder Philharmonic and City of Boulder Open Space is taking that a step further by pairing the two. On April 25, the Boulder Philharmonic will play a concert inspired by the imagery of lakes and ponds at Macky Auditorium.]]> <![CDATA[All in the balance]]> “Relationship, family — the last two years of my life has been a lot of family. … Having kids has affected me,” DiFranco said. “It’s not in that classic way — ‘Now I need to worry about the future, environmental apocalypse, whoa, eternal warfare, whoa.’ I was always on that tip.]]> <![CDATA[Putting down another piece in the Jorma Kaukonen puzzle]]> If you think of Jorma Kaukonen’s career as a jigsaw puzzle, the whole thing sort of makes sense. It began as a pile of disjointed pieces containing just a hint or color of things to come. Each day, each year, each decade the puzzle becomes more complete. Every new piece is connected to an older one while always expanding the emerging picture of the artist. Today we see an impressive, though still progressing, image of a musician that has been 50 years in the making.]]> <![CDATA[Still Super]]> 'I think the best thing about everybody having their own projects is that you lose some of the frustration,' Newman says. 'If the New Pornographers was the only thing that people did, yet they still wanted to write their own thing, but they were relegated to [being] a person in the band who didn't write or sing, they would be frustrated.']]> <![CDATA[BCO’s ‘Romance’: An adventure with unfamiliar yet comfortable music]]> “The music is very approachable,” Saless says. “I think ‘Romance’ is the perfect name I could give it. It immediately tells you it’s a friendly concert, right?” Although not a familiar name today, Arensky was once considered one of Russia’s most promising composers.]]> <![CDATA[Breaking walls with violins]]> Zach DePue wants to break down walls. Not everyone can accomplish that with a violin, but DePue is a member of Time for Three. Known as a “classically trained garage band,” the trio of two violins and bass (DePue, Nicolas Kendall and Ranaan Meyer) has already earned a reputation for breaking barriers.]]> <![CDATA[Sing]]> Fifty years ago, America forever changed by ushering in the Voting Rights Act of 1965. Among other things, the time bred a rich history of music and a reawakening of spirituals from the enslaved Africans of America in the 18th and 19th centuries. The songs went on to breathe life in to the civil rights movement and inspire revolution.]]> <![CDATA[Ukuleletrix Leigh Jones]]> Influenced by relationships and travel, her singing depicts a sense of lightheartedness as she plays her whimsical ukulele.]]> <![CDATA[FUNK]]> Denver funk band Rowdy Shadehouse aren’t just a group of tight pants and bare chests. Members “Warlock Vundercock,” “Weeze,” “BadWhorsey,” “Man of Thought,” “Fab Folz” and “Cosmic Slim” have also earned a reputation for impressive skill and lively shows.]]> <![CDATA[Blasters from the past]]> The kings of 90s space-rock are back on the touring circuit and coming to Colorado.]]> <![CDATA[SLIDESHOW: Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart signs autographs in Boulder]]> Former Grateful Dead drummer Mickey Hart met with and greeted fans at PosterScene on Friday, Dec. 9. Check out Susan France's photos of the event below.]]> <![CDATA[Getting old, then new again]]> Jamie Shields, keyboardist and founder of theNEWDEAL, was enjoying a break from the brain-lock cold last week. Well, what passes for a break from it in Toronto, anyway. “Yeah, it’s only 10 below today,” he said with a laugh. Well, all right then, time for a vacation. So what passes for a vacation for Shields is taking his jamtronica trio out again for a swing through Colorado (where it isn’t much warmer these days), Texas and the East Coast for morsel-sized bits of road work. Born in the early days of jamtronica, the- NEWDEAL had been one of the genre’s more spontaneous, less mannered outfits, deeply invested in euphoric galactic anthems, layers of Shields’ synth colliding and sparkling across a furious rhythm section.]]> <![CDATA[Dance]]> It’s hard to fit the Dirty Heads into a genre. There’s some melodic rock with a touch of ska and a dash of hip-hop/rap and reggae thrown in. Given their a laid-back attitude, it’s not surprising that their roots spring from California. They play the music you need when you want to have a good time.]]>