<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Books]]> <![CDATA[David Foster Wallace: An American literary great revealed]]> “It sounded like the voice that I thought in,” says David Lipsky about the captivating literary style of novelist and essayist David Foster Wallace. “Which of course is what you’re trying to do as a writer. And he’d done it! It was amazing! I was so thrilled. I faxed it and copied it and forced it on people, the way I’m forcing it on you now. Everyone I know was doing that. You’d go to any party and people were talking about him.”]]> <![CDATA[Local writer Ben Corbett discusses Hunter S. Thompson's legacy ]]> It has been more than four years since the literary powder keg known as Hunter S. Thompson exploded off this mortal coil with a defiant shotgun blast. He was a figure of great controversy who served as America’s national conscience during one of the most tumultuous periods in our country’s history, and he left behind an enormous collection of written material that will be studied and debated for generations to come.]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of April 16, 2015]]> The Lost World of the Old Ones — David Roberts..]]> <![CDATA[Snow snakes, boy princesses and mountain men ]]> While teaching elementary school kids how to ski in places like Copper Mountain and Eldora Mountain Resort, Annie Fox saw her fair share of spills on the slopes. "On no, you fell! The snow snake ]]> <![CDATA[read this — Until They Have Faces]]> Until They Have Faces: Stories of Recovery, Resilience, and Redemption is a collection of profile essays about roughly 50 homeless people in Boulder County, complete with portrait photographs by Niwot photographer David Page.]]> <![CDATA[A career in keeping you scared of the dark]]> He’s talking about approaching being a writer like carpentry; some stories flow from a place in need of bloodletting, and some simply need to be hammered together. He prides himself on being able to take those assignments and build some furniture.]]> <![CDATA[Erotic Whitman]]> I'll never forget meeting the poet Aimee Herman on my first day of classes at Naropa University in the winter of 2008, in a workshop led by Maureen Owen, who famously co-directed the St. Mark’s Poetry Project in late-’70s Manhattan.]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of May 8, 2014]]> 2 p.m. Tattered Cover Book Store, 1628 16th St., Denver, 303-322-7727..]]> <![CDATA[Sex Workers Unite, Melinda Chateauvert]]> Covering five decades of sex-worker activism, University of Maryland African American studies professor Melinda Chateauvert explores the idea that sex workers act as political organizers and are not just victims.]]> <![CDATA[Poetry]]> <![CDATA[Poetry]]> <![CDATA[Poetry]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of May 29, 2014]]> Money: How the Destruction of the Dollar Threatens the Global Economy — and What We Can Do About It —.]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of May 21, 2015]]> From the Notebooks of a Middle School Princess — Meg Cabot..]]> <![CDATA[Made-in-America murderers]]> The Army trained young men as killers, exposed them to brutal combat situations that made them mentally unstable, and then set them loose on the civilian population of Colorado Springs with little or no treatment.]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of Feb. 26, 2015]]> Island on Fire — by Alexandra Witze and Jeff Kanipe..]]> <![CDATA[The truth about 'On the Road']]> In his latest book, Gerald Nicosia has unlocked the dynamic of Jack Kerouac and Neal Cassady, and not a moment too soon. Nicosia, the author of Memory Babe, the definitive Jack Kerouac book, was an advisor to the On The Road movie due to premiere in May at the Cannes Film Festival. On the Road, published in 1957, was, of course, the book that made Kerouac famous. It was inspired by Jack London’s famed book The Road, published in 1907.]]> <![CDATA[Bethy Love Light]]> Sample lyrics from Bethy Love Light’s “muzoetry,” which comes off as spoken word poetry over Hare Krishna-style beats: “Within the human body, which is a spaceship / a merkaba from a cosmic relationship / and life is a trip / and we like to sit / on...]]> <![CDATA[Natural-born talent? Author sheds new light on nature-nurture debate ]]> To the adults I met as a child, a person's capacity for achievement could be decided at around age 6 or 7 by a simple equation: genes environment, or 'nature nurture.' Given an extra dose of more expansive learning by dynamic teachers, they thought, a 'gifted' child could metaphorically grow from a caterpillar into a butterfly.]]> <![CDATA[Words | Week of Nov. 6, 2014]]> Cowboys, Yogis, and One-Legged Ski Bums: The Extraordinary Lives of Ordinary Coloradans.]]>