<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Vote 2013]]> <![CDATA[A few questions for our city council candidates]]> Our local elected officials can determine, to varying degrees, whether our local economies shrink or grow, the availability of good jobs, the long-term outlook for housing prices. A city council can have a huge say in whether or not a municipality will be more or less environmentally responsible.]]> <![CDATA[Pot taxes a sticky issue]]> When Colorado voters approved the marijuana-legalizing Amendment 64 last year, they also granted permission to the legislature to enact an excise tax of up to 15 percent on all wholesale marijuana purchases. The first $40 million collected from such a tax would, each year, go to a fund dedicated to public school construction, and any additional taxes raised would go to enforcement agencies.]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Boulder County Subdivision Paving Public Improvement District Issue 5C]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Yes on Rocky Mountain Fire Protection District Question 5B]]> <![CDATA[Louisville City Council candidate questions and answers]]> <![CDATA[Longmont City Council and mayoral candidate questions and answers]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Yes on Longmont Ballot Question 2B]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: No on Boulder Ballot Issue 2A]]> <![CDATA[Oil/gas rep: Anti-fracking groups are well-funded, too]]> A spokesperson for the oil and gas industry is claiming that local anti-fracking groups benefit from just as much financial support as the industry when it comes to campaigning on the upcoming oil and gas ballot measures in Boulder and Lafayette.]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Coombs for Longmont Mayor]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: No on Boulder Ballot Question 310]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Yes on Lafayette Ballot Issue 301]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Yes on Boulder Ballot Question 2H]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Longmont City Council Ward 2]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Rice for Thompson School District R2-J]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Full list of Boulder Weekly endorsements]]> Below are links to Boulder Weekly's endorsements for every issue and race that will appear on Boulder County ballots.]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: No on Lafayette Ballot Question 2A]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Yes on Amendment 66 and Proposition AA]]> <![CDATA[Election Guide 2013: Yes on Lyons Regional Library District Issue 4C]]> <![CDATA[Boulder City Council candidate questions and answers Part 2]]>