<![CDATA[Boulder - Weekly - Vote 2009]]> <![CDATA[Boulder County ballot issues results]]> <![CDATA[City of Boulder ballot issues results]]> <![CDATA[Boulder County ballot issues]]> <![CDATA[Lafayette City Council breakdown]]> Incumbent Alex Schatz, 38, is a landscape architect and attorney finishing up the final year of his first two-year term. He thinks the city should focus on fixing budget problems, urban renewal and development, and public safety.]]> <![CDATA[Park School District breakdown]]> <![CDATA[Lafayette City Council election results]]> <![CDATA[City of Boulder ballot questions]]> <![CDATA[Longmont ballot issues results]]> <![CDATA[Boulder Valley School District breakdown]]> <![CDATA[Don't ignore your ballot, your say]]> Last year, people flocked to the polls. This year, many won't even take time to fill out their mail-in ballot. While it's true that last year we were deciding on a leader for our country, who leads our cities is no less important. It's on the local level that citizens arguably have the greatest influence.]]> <![CDATA[Garnett wants DA to have three terms -- we don't]]> <![CDATA[Thompson School District election results]]> <![CDATA[Longmont Mayor election results]]> <![CDATA[Longmont ballot issues]]> <![CDATA[Boulder City Council breakdown]]> <![CDATA[Nederland Community Library District ballot]]> <![CDATA[Longmont City Council election results]]> <![CDATA[County's election forecast: smaller turnout, fewer glitches than in '08]]> <![CDATA[Erie ballot issues and questions]]> <![CDATA[Longmont City Council breakdown]]>